There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not there is an actual difference between Fashion and Style for quite some time. Some people believe that the two are one in the same and others beg to differ. Personally, I am on the latter end of the debate. Why? I feel that Fashion is composed strictly of ever changing, cycling trends and is comprised of labels/name brands. I feel that a lot of people place  a huge emphasis on strictly wearing high end labels and are quick to judge others for either not being able to afford these labels or for wearing lower end labels. Truth be told, I don't believe that wearing labels means that one necessarily has "style" so to speak. You can be fashionable without having style. What does that mean you ask? Basically if anyone had access to higher end labels then they would put together an outfit. There are plenty of lookbooks, magazine articles, runway features, etc. that feature examples of how to wear certain "looks."

However if you didn't have access to said labels, would you be able to put together an outfit from a thrift store? How about Target, GAP, Old Navy, H & M, Macy's, JC Penny's? Even Wal-Mart? Style isn't about how many labels you can wear at a single time or how much you can actually afford. Style is more personal than that. It should reflect one's personality and not something that's solely "trendy" in Fashion. If you can pull together a few outfits from said lower end stores or maybe even a yard sale then you possess something greater than Fashion itself. Fashion is simply universal and maybe can even be looked at as entertainment.

I'd love to hear feedback on this topic. If you have any comments or even objections then please feel free to share your thoughts! :)