Hello all! We are three days into the new year and I must say that something feels extremely special about this new year. Last year was definitely a roller coaster of extreme ups and downs for my life which prompted me to delete my old blog and start anew. I feel that I have a lot more insight into being assertive and having high hopes for achieving any goal that I may have now (which is a wonderful feeling might I add)! I have decided to not pursue a major in Journalism or Communication but instead Fashion Merchandising, which has led me to find other options in schooling to accommodate my passion.

Writing is something that I've always loved to do and I've always been surrounded by Fashion (thanks to my mother) so I've been conflicted on which path to follow. My ultimate goal is to merge my two greatest loves together and create a positive platform in the Fashion/Beauty industries. This blog is going to dedicated to Trends (what's hot/what's not), Personal Style (Fashionistas Around the Globe), Up & Coming Designers, Fashion Show Reviews and MORE! I'm hoping to have a chance to interview some popular AND budding fashionistas during this year. I hope you all stay along for the ride because I have great things in store for you!