I've spent the past three years (yikes) trying to appease others by obtaining a journalism or mass communications degree but I never really wanted to major in those things.While I do love journalism, I'm completely drawn to Fashion (obviously lol). I've always wanted to major in Fashion Marketing/Merchandising ever since I graduated from high school but I was told in so many words that I would not have a real career if I did that.Something finally clicked two months ago and I decided that I was going to just take a chance to pursue my dreams.

I'm a firm believer that if you truly pursue your dreams then the money will come to you. I didn't want to become stuck in a career that I hated just for the compensation and benefits/ So many people end up doing that and are miserable! I'm too free-spirited to be confined to something that doesn't interest me so this news means everything to me and then some. Here are the classes that I'll be taking this year at Southern New Hampshire University.

3.COM-212Public Speaking1 course needed
4.IT-100Introduction to Info Tech1 course needed
5.MAT-105Merchandising Mathematics1 course needed
6.ECO-201Microeconomics1 course needed
7.PSY-108Introduction to Psychology1 course needed