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Youtube has become one of my go-to sites for all things that deal with hair and beauty. I can literally sit and watch tutorial vlogs all day long, it's getting out of hand lol. While my obsession may be a little overboard at this point, you cannot deny that there are some very talented ladies on Youtube. One of my first few posts was dedicated to Tyme The Infamous and her youtube channel because her creations are everything and then some. This time around, I want to highlight a couple of more makeup gurus and share my thoughts on their individual channels.

1. Raschelle RoshPosh

  • I'm still unsure of how I stumbled across this beauty's channel but I'm grateful that I did either way. I love that her videos are short and sweet but still give subscribers a chance to view an informational tutorials. Sometimes makeup videos can be long and drawn out which results in me skipping over important steps at times. Below is one of my favorite makeup tutorial videos from her channel. You all should know by now that I love anything that has color in it and this video was no exception to that fact lol.

  • [youtube=]

2. MsDanti1

  • I was first introduced to this beauty by way of Tumblr (and she's a Tallahassee, FL native which is a plus lol) and I keep in touch with her from time to time (total sweetheart). I have always been a big fan of her natural hair but I also became a fan of the beautiful way that her makeup was done. I could hardly contain my excitement once she joined the world of youtube and started sharing detailed videos on how she achieved various makeup looks. Her latest makeup look is one that differs from the other looks in her channel but it's striking in a gorgeous way. I believe this look is my favorite yet and you'll see why below.

  • [youtube=]

If you have any personal favorites then please don't hesitate to share the channels that you're subscribed to. The more the merrier! :D

(Disclaimer: Images courtesy of Ms. Danti and Raschelle's personal facebook page).