Natural hair is one of the most phenomenal things that an African-American woman can be proud of. It is the hair that grows naturally from her scalp, with no chemicals to straighten ("relax") her hair. So often the media would prefer to see women with long, straight tresses or a "good" texture of hair. But the only "good" hair that exists is healthy hair, no matter what state a woman chooses to wear her hair in. I've been aware of the site Urban Bush Babes for quite some time now and I love everything that it stands for regarding natural hair care and an array of other wonderful things. It's very refreshing to take a break from the glamorous side of fashion/beauty and indulge in a more natural approach concerning those things. It is site that has been curated by two best friends, Nikisha and Cipriana, who embrace the natural side of life (thrifting, healthier eating, arts/culture, etc).

[caption id="attachment_1623" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Co-founder Nikisha Nikisha[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1624" align="aligncenter" width="158"]Cipriana Cipriana[/caption]

These two women have created a mass following all by being honest, open and embracing the natural, beautiful things in life. Not only does their site, Urban Bush Babes, have a large following but their Youtube channel follows suit. For wonderful videos from these lovely women, be sure to check out their channel. You can also find Urban Bush Babes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.