I received a wonderful email this morning from a NYC based brand entitled, Pantora, and they were interested in me sharing their Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook with you lovelies. This is the first time that I've received an email from a brand reaching out to me to be featured on my blog so you can imagine how excited I am to be writing, er typing lol, this post. Launched in 2009 by Andrea Pitter, this brand is for the woman who is "confident, daring and comfortable in her skin." It is uniquely trendy (you'll see why shortly) and possess a flair that draws one in. If you're interested in learning more background information about Pantora, then venture here.  Pantora also has a blog site if you're interested in updates from there as well. I am loving what I have seen so far and I would love if you all took a chance to view the site/blog in your spare time! Without further ado, take a look Pantora's Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook below!

Pantora pantorass3 pantorass4 pantorass5 pantorass5 pantorass6 pantorass7 pantorass8 pantorass9 pantorass91 pantorass92 pantorass93