perfect red lip

I recently went to a M.A.C. station inside of the Macy's Cosmetics department that I'll be working in and I purchased Cyber and Ruby Woo, which you can view in the drop down option on M.A.C.'s website. I'm thinking of completely rebuilding my makeup collection but there will be more information on that later. I've heard from some Youtube gurus, makeup artists and regular girls like me that Ruby Woo tends to be very dry but I decided that I had to have it in my possession. I'm a brown skinned girl and I'm always looking for colors that compliment my skin tone and even enhance it. I feel that Ruby Woo is the perfect shade of red and I personally love the texture of the lipstick. Now, with any lipstick, you want to make sure that your lipstick is not bleeding nor leaving any residue on your teeth. I've searched high and low to find two videos and tips to ensure that your perfect red pout flatters you instead of embarrassing you. Take a peek below and let me know what you think!



These tips are courtesy of Birch Box and Teen Vogue :

  1. Prime Your Lips (Use a toothbrush or a clean mascara wand to gentle buff your lips and remove dry/dead skin). Follow with a matte lip balm to keep lips hydrated.

  2. Lay Down the Foundation (Use a foundation or a concealer to block the natural pigment found in your lips. Blot with a tissue or a makeup sponge to pick up excess foundation or concealer).

  3. Outline (Trace the outline of your lips with a lip liner. After doing so, move the liner towards the center of your lips and thicken up the outer line).

  4. This is optional but you can use a lipstick brush to apply your actual red lipstick (or stain) more accurately. An angled brush is suggested for use.

  5. Apply Lipstick or Stain From the Tube.

  6. Set Your Shade (Gently dust loose or pressed powder onto lips to set your color, using a foundation brush to do so).

And voila! You have the tips and quick tutorial guides to help guide you towards your own personal, perfect red lip. I'd love to see the different looks that some of you come up with and I will be sharing my own version of the perfect red lip tomorrow so be on the lookout for that post!