By now you lovelies may have figured out that I am not insanely big on reporting on all of the latest celebrity fashion news or trends. I love to focus on everyday people like you and me who may still be in school or are not as mainstream as a celebrity may be. I always wondered what I could do to set my personal blog aside from all of the other fashion blogs out there and I think that I've found my "thing." It's important to me to try to make this blog as relatable as possible and to give a genuine perspective on things that I'm interested in.

Social Media sites have their pros and their cons but one positive thing that I am very grateful for is the fact that you can come across so many different boutiques and Fashionistas who run their own blogs (NETWORKING). With my career interests, it is highly important for me to try to network with different people because you never know who you can come in contact with that may pass your work along to someone in a high position.

However without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to a beautiful and stylish young lady by the name of Angeline Dowling. I stumbled across her Instagram page and immediately found myself intrigued by her amazing sense of style. You can also imagine the excitement that I felt once I discovered that this amazing Fashionista ran her own blog. After visiting her personal blog entitled, "Love Thread," I just knew that I had to take a chance and email Ms. Dowling to see if I could feature her wonderful style on the blog. Imagine my surprise when I received an email back from her stating that she would love to be featured on my blog! I always get excited when I get a response from emails that I have sent out in regards to blog features because it lets me know that you never know who is going to say yes.

A Little Background Information:
Angeline Dowlingbegan her blog "Love Thread" in 2011 as a project that swiftly turned into something much more than that. At the moment she is studying Public Relations as well as Journalism at University in Perth, Western Australia. Upon reading her posts, you get the gist that Angeline isn't just another Fashionista solely interested in the superficial side of life. A genuinely sweet aura radiates from her posts and the way that she puts her words together. Another plus to this beauty's blog is that she believes in bargain shopping! I too feel that having style shouldn't require one to break the bank but its more or less about who you are as a person. Not only that but Angeline is dedicated to promoting positivity for other girls. We live in a world that is always focused on the superficial side of life and sometimes people, especially us women, often feel inadequate if we don't measure up to the standards of others. That is something that I'm very big on and it's always great to see another Fashion blogger who is mindful of bringing something positive to the table in life.

Favorite Outfits
After browsing through "Love Thread," I decided to share a few photos of Angeline's style with you lovelies. Take a look below at some of my favorite looks that Angeline has put together and be sure to let me know what you think!

As you can see, Angeline has a beautiful sense of style and something about her looks seem so polished without trying too hard. I always say that you can tell when someone is comfortable with themselves and their style because it shows whenever they put together an outfit.

Social Media Sites
Be sure to head over to "Love Thread" to check out more of Angeline's sense of style and other goodies. If you're interested in following her on other social media sites then I will leave links to her different profiles below! I hope that you enjoyed today's Blog/Style Spotlight post and if there is anyone in particular that you'd me to feature on the blog then be sure to let me know in the comment section!

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