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For the past two years I took pride in wearing my hair natural (free from chemicals) and I let my hair grow...but then I began to become increasingly bored and I knew exactly what would come of that boredom ; the desire to have my hair cut. I decided that I didn't want to be natural anymore and about a few weeks ago, I decided to get a relaxer and a hair cut. I was met with a lot of opposition when I made my decisions known and even given a list of reasons why I shouldn't change my hairstyle. But I shut out the opinions of others and listened to what my heart really longed for...and I felt so free when I listened to myself. I fell in love with my haircut and I realized that short hair seems to match my personality. It's spunky and versatile not to mention I can actually see my face. Hair to me is just an accessory. I know that some people take hair very seriously but I don't believe in placing so much weight on something so superficial. In celebration of me finally taking a risk and getting my hair cut, I'm going to bombard you lovelies with photos of other amazing haircuts from other women. Who knows, you may be inspired to switch up your hairstyle!