I am feeling extremely inspired as of late and I just couldn't help myself with this post. I stumbled across this beauty by way of Tumblr (I still do keep my first little attempt at a blog up and running, yes) and I couldn't help but browse through her blog. Carmen Alexandra possess a style that is, for lack of a better term, femininely abstract and she has a love for leopard print. That's a definite score in my book! I thought that I was the only one who still had a love for leopard print but its good to know that that is not the case! Carmen Alexandra also believes in "saving money by recycling fashion" and that is something else that stood out to me. I've said this before but having style doesn't require one to break the bank. Check out some of my personal favorite looks that Carmen Alexandra has come up with below!
Can you see why I would admire this beauty's style? It's fresh and chic at the same time! You cannot beat that combination.

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