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Hello lovelies! Most of you know that I became engaged while on vacation in Chicago towards the end of August. If not, to make a long story short, my Fiance is a U.S. ADA (Air Defense Artillery) Solider in the Army and he is currently stationed in Japan for the next two years. We decided that it would be a better idea for me to move to Japan and this means a multitude of things. A lot of changes will take place with that move and one of my biggest concerns is being able to utilize my degree in Fashion Merchandising Management and get a move on my own career.

I've been thinking about different ways that I could create a name for myself, career-wise, and I recently came across a wonderful company entitled "Stella & Dot." In retrospect, this company provides a way for women to provide other women with chic and stylish pieces while generating an income. It is a step into being not only a personal stylist for other women but the business side of Fashion is involved in the picture as well. One is able to earn anywhere between 25:-30% commission from selling beautiful pieces from Stella & Dot

I'll be sure to do a little more research into this company before I make anymore concrete decisions but things seem promising from the information that I've received. It would be an amazing venture for me considering the fact that creating a career with this company falls into line with my Fashion Merchandising Management Degree. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on this idea.

Side Note

The founder of Stella & Dot is Jessica Herrin and she also co-founded Wedding Channel.

The Chief Creative Officer of Stella & Dot is Blythe Harris and she is responsible for launching Banana Republic's jewelry line. If you have ever visited a Banana Republic store then you are aware of how beautiful the jewelry is.