Last summer was truly an exciting and experimental one. Why, you ask? I decided to have longer extensions installed and I chose to wear them as a protective style for pretty much the entire summer. Prior to having longer lengths installed I would always ask for my extensions to be cut into a bob, nothing dramatic. I didn't think that I would look great with longer hair and I always shied away from it. However, I took a chance and I immediately fell in love lol.

In addition to wearing longer hair extensions, I began to really explore different makeup looks. I began searching on youtubes and researching different makeup brands like crazy! I'm still not too crazy about foundation and concealer (I don't want to look completely different nor do I want to hide anything) but I've invested in makeup brushes and an eyeshadow primer base. I've always wondered how to make my eyeshadow "pop" and the answer lies in the formula that's embedded into primer. Wonderful product.

Any who, here are a few of my favorite "looks" from last Summer. Let me know what you all think! :)