Hello all! I know that it has been about a month since I've posted anything with you all and I apologize for that. I took a mini vacation in December and then school began by the time that my vacation was over. But I am back and I am going to try to push out new content for you all!

In my last post, you may have noticed that my hair was long but only due to a protective style that I decided to wear for a little while. If you're not familiar with protective styles, it is simply a way to literally protect your hair from daily manipulation and the elements outside. I do have a relaxer in my hair and it was my personal choice to halt my natural hair journey after two years. At the moment, my goal is to receive a relaxer only three times out of the year until I eventually wean myself off of chemicals for good again. Since it is the winter time, I DO NOT like to wear my hair out as much due to the cold weather and sometimes harsh winds. So...I will be receiving box braids next Tuesday as my next protective style! I am beyond excited because I have not had braids in a long time and I think that they're a pretty awesome hairstyle to rock. In case you may be wondering what the heck 'box braids' are, I'll provide a few examples below for you from the hairstylist who will be doing my hair!

I will be getting medium sized, lower back length box braids and I'm sure that I'll be trying out many different styles! 

Before I settled on getting box braids as a protective style, I thought about getting loc extensions put into my hair. I've always said that I would love to have locs in my hair one day but I know that I would be impatient with the growing process. A tutorial on how to achieve loc extensions and how to style loc extensions can be seen below:

Maybe loc extensions will be my next protective style??? Who knows lol. I'm considering it :) . I hope that you enjoyed today's post and until next time, take care! 

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