Hello everyone and happy hump day! I hope that your week has been going wonderful so far! I've been busy with work and school but I knew that I just had to continue with my Woman Crush Wednesdays series today. After thinking about who I wanted to feature on the blog today, I just knew that I had to feature someone who is very dear to me. Some of you may already be familiar with her and her fabulous style as well as her work but for those of you who are just now tuning in, I'd like to introduce you to Maricia Josephs! 

I had the pleasure of attending Clark Atlanta University with Maricia very briefly during our freshman year and I'll never forget the first thing that she said to me. She asked, "are you a Libra" to which I confirmed and she said, "I can tell." From that moment we decided to coin ourselves as "mind twins" due to the fact that she is a Libra as well. But that is not the only thing that draws me to Maricia. She not only shares my love for journalism but she also shares my love for anything style related and let me just say that she is incredibly gifted in both areas. 

Maricia has her own style blog entitled, "Musings of Krav" that features segments such as Project 21 and Conversation With Inspiration. She has been blessed to interview an array of influential people such as Karen Civil, KeKe Palmer, Dani Stahl and much more! In addition to writing for her own blog, Maricia is now a brand manager for ASOS! How exciting is that?! You can check out some of her published articles by clicking the above link. She has also been featured on A Collected Gentleman as well as A Tale Of Two BiddiesOne cannot deny how much of a trailblazer Maricia is and it is beyond inspiring to be witness a young woman actively pursuing her dreams. 

Maricia inspires me to continuously work towards my goals with each positive endeavor that she accomplishes and she is someone who I will always be grateful to be associated with. Be sure to check out her social media plugs to stay updated with the latest news concerning any upcoming projects!

Twitter | @musingsofkrav

Instagram | @lovekrav

Tumblr | Musings of Krav