"Strap me in real tight.
I'm too cute to fall.
Oh, I'm super high.
Far away from it all."

Ten Foot Stilettos x Chrisette Michele 

What I am about to bring to you is a truly special treat...I mean, I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming when this opportunity opened up and since I'm not dreaming, I needed to share something very divine, not to mention real, with you all. As you all know by now, I am a HUGE fan of women who possess a resilient, brilliant and influential nature. It's not about who is the prettiest or the BEST period, but its all about who is comfortable in their skin as well as their abilities and how they choose to impact the world with their individual light. With that being said, I formally (and excitedly) introduce you to the wonderful creators behind the beloved blog A Tale Of Two Biddies

Eboni Merriman & Nik Adams
The pro to having a social media account is stumbling across beautiful gems that may spark an inner creative nerve or perhaps you just happen to feel inspired by what someone has either done or is currently doing in life. This particular dynamic duo captures the essence of both of those things with a stylish, creative, INTELLIGENT and completely unapologetic nature. No two women are alike...and they are surely a far cry from being one dimensional. It is literally impossible to place all women within one tiny box and the creators behind A Tale Of Two Biddies not only stand behind this ideal but they work hard to embody it with their creative efforts. 

You may be wondering how this movement (as I like to call it) even began. Well, I touched basis on one of the positive things about having a social account but another plus is that sometimes you happen to meet someone whose vision mirrors your own and a divine connection begins. After a chance meeting through social media and the ability to finally connect in person, a special bond that is undeniable formed between Eboni & Nik:

Despite the fact that Eboni & Nik did not have any training in regards to what it takes to build a successful and engaging website, they were determined to make their collaborative vision come to light. Instead of allowing what seemed to be a hurdle get to them, these two women sat down and took the time to research how to make their vision a reality. The blog name, A Tale Of Two Biddies, actually comes from the book, A Tale Of Two Cities, but with a very obvious twist. Originally, the term "biddie" is used to essentially describe how a woman shouldn't be (probably by a self righteous person who has a little problem with trying to control the lives of others) but Eboni & Nik seek to change the idea of that very word. According to Eboni & Nik, A Tale Of Two Biddies, is a place for women to feel at home instead of feeling like their every move is being planned out for them. It is a place that caters to the many layers of women, especially the creative layer. 

In addition to having this phenomenal blog, Eboni & Nik decided to broaden the aspects of their brand by creating a business centered around A Tale Of Two Biddies called "Biddie Shop." Pop-up shops have become increasingly popular over the years and you better believe that Eboni & Nik have taken full advantage of this by having several pop-up shops throughout NYC and Virginia. They have partnered with several charities dedicated to empowering women and this alone should speak for itself about the driving force behind A Tale Of Two Biddies. Currently Eboni & Nik are working on a "30 Under 30 Project" that highlights the creative efforts of young people who own their individual gifts and are using said gifts to change the world one day at a time. 

 It is a blessing to have come across this duo at this point in my life and I never look at things such as this as a mere coincidence. Some things were meant to happen and I believe that I needed to come across A Tale Of Two Biddies as a reminder to never give up on my dreams and do more than just envision it. I hope that you were able to at least feel an ounce of inspiration from today's Woman Crush Wednesday series and please be sure to check out A Tale Of Biddies as well as any other social media accounts associated with this groundbreaking movement! 

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