Just when I thought that the hastag movement was over, I stumbled across something absolutely amazing and I knew that there was no doubt in mind about showing support. It's been about a year since I decided to actively start blogging. Never mind the fact that I've had Tumblr for about three years now ( Ms. Jenai). Tumblr is really my visual playground/poems/quotes that I've yet to share with you all. I'm thinking of branching out with my blog and sharing some of my other writing because I've been inspired to be candid and actually talk about real life experiences...all while remaining stylish lol. 

Any who, the movement that I am referring to is none other than #BlackGirlsWhoBlog. It is a great feeling to be a part of a community where other writers come together and support each other all while maintaining their own sense of individuality as well as purpose. #BlackGirlsWhoBlog started off as a simple tweet by the lovely Morgan of cos MORG p o l i t a n and what happened next sparked something that holds a special place in the hearts of, well, black girls who blog. The t-shirt design is a collaborative effort that involves the creativity of Morgan and her wonderful partner in crime Lindsay of 2nd and L

Lindsay of 2nd and L & Morgan of cos MORG p o l i t a n

Can I just say how much I love the illustration of the shirt? I knew immediately that I had to wear it this weekend. It was mandatory for me to go out into the world and let people know about #BlackGirlsWhoBlog

Tee - #BlackGirlsWhoBlog Skirt - Shop Dress Up Necklack - Shop Dress Up Pumps - Nasty Gal (Shoe Cult) Clutch - NY & Co. Tee - #BlackGirlsWhoBlog
Skirt - Shop Dress Up
Necklack - Shop Dress Up
Pumps - Nasty Gal (Shoe Cult)
Clutch - NY & Co.


And of course I had to add a special touch to my #BlackGirlsWhoBlog tee:

If you are interested in purchasing this shirt then please do not hesitate to reach out to MorganI am pretty worn for the day because as cute as those pumps from Nasty Gal are, my legs do not want to have anything else to do with them for the rest of day lol. I am going to kick up my feet and relax all while watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!