Good morning everyone! I hope that you all have been enjoying your week thus far! For many, this week is only a four day work week and then everyone can partake in the 4th of July festivities! Per usual I'm coming to you today with a feature that is sure to once again catch your eye. Personally, this stylish diva caught my eye with her unorthodox style and suave confidence. What's different about her sense of style is that it didn't demand that I pay attention but it is more of an effortless style that just is. This is a style that does not come with any gimmicks or over the top appeal. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you Zahra Jamila of BO$$ (BUY OWN SPEND SHOP).

Of the above look, Zahra Jamila personally stated that she wanted to experiment with a different silhouette and that it was a step outside of her comfort zone. I believe that stepping out of your comfort zone can either be a hit or a miss but with this look, I believe that she flawlessly stepped into something that she may not normally go for. When it comes down to personal style, it is always great to remain true to yourself even while stepping outside of the box and I believe that this look actually compliments the style that Zahra Jamila already has. Talk about a win!! This amazingly gorgeous lace dress was purchased from Nasty Gal and serves as a perfect example of how to introduce late into your summer wardrobe. If you're interested in adding lace to your summer wardrobe but may want to go for a more subtle look then you can browse through the beautiful options that Nasty Gal has on display! 

How is it possible to pack a cool confidence that glides towards you and gently draws you in? Zahra Jamila can tell you all about it. She is the side of feminism that isn't afraid to dress for herself and wear clothing that accentuates her curves. She is the side of feminism that says, "I don't particularly care about dressing for men. This is for me." In my honest opinion, her sense of style does not look to compete with other women either. It is a part of her character and it moves when she moves. Her choice of dress does not control her but she definitely controls it and that is something to take note of.
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