What day is it? Hump day!!! Good afternoon my wonderful people! I hope that your week has been going spectacular so far and if it hasn't, don't fret because the week isn't over just yet! I made mention of a special feature that I wanted to share with you all a few posts back and it's just my luck that I get to share this awesomeness with you all on Wednesday. Personally, Wednesdays have become my favorite day of the week because I love creating content for my Woman Crush Wednesday series and Wednesdays happen to indicate that there are only two more work days to get through! 

Working Woman Wednesday is still very much so a part of the Woman Crush Wednesday series...a subcategory if you will. Today's special guest is someone who I happened to stumble across via the good ole social media platform Instagram. Upon first seeing the word "Disclothesure," I felt my eyebrows raise. This name alone captured my attention and I felt compelled to do a little research. I'm glad that I decided to follow the initial hunch that was tapping me on the shoulder because I was left in awe over what I'd been introduced to. I was well aware that the brand Disclothesure did not just create itself and I wanted to match a face with this brand. Who could be responsible for such a clever and eye popping name? Introducing the lovely Ms. Tamika Toler:

I was blessed with the privilege to ask Tamika Toler a few questions surrounding herself and the Disclothesure brand.

1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time out to allow Nai’s Visions to feature you! It is always a pleasure to reach out to emerging boutiques who have a strong presence. Before we begin, can you please tell the readers a little bit about yourself?
Hello, my name is Tamika Toler and I am a wardrobe stylist and founder of Disclothesure. I started styling in 2010 after I graduated from Delaware State University. I have styled for an abundance of modeling agencies, advertising agencies and fashion houses in the Greater New York City area.  

2. As the Owner/Creative Director of Disclothesure, what initially interested you in creating this online boutique?
To be completely honest, I started Disclothesure because I wanted there to be a place where people can shop and get styled at the same time. A lot of the time you have individuals who have the time to shop but don’t know how to put an outfit together. However, you have the individuals who know how to put their outfit together but do not have the time to shop. I wanted to incorporate both concepts to create the ideal shopping experience. 

3. The name “Disclothesure” alone peaked my interest. What is the inspiration behind choosing this name for the online boutique?
Disclothesure of course came from the word disclosure, which means, the action of making new or secret information known. I wanted to spice it up and integrate the word clothes to make it more relevant to what I was trying to achieve. The idea is for me to disclose all the latest fashion trends, styles, and tips a person can handle. I want to be able to give my customer all the information I have related to the fashion and wardrobe styling. 

4. What is the process behind choosing the type of merchandise that Disclothesure will offer to the public?
I carefully select Disclothesure’s merchandise based on current trends and what will last the customer year after year. A few years ago I stopped buying items for myself that were just, “Cute” and started buying items that made me go, “Wow!” I started shopping like this because a lot of time we buy things that we really don’t need or things that are cute now but won’t be in 6 months. When selecting items for Disclothesure, I make sure that all items will last, have great quality, you can wear it over and over, and of course a product that you will love! 

5. What are the things that you feel set Disclothesure apart from other online boutiques?
What sets Disclothesure apart from other online boutiques is that we take the time and put in the effort into creating visuals for our customers to see our clothing. We do not use other company’s pictures to sell our merchandise. We take the time to shoot our look books for each collection and to create the ultimate shopping experience. Another thing that sets us apart from other online boutiques is professionalism. I take pride in my business and my customer’s come first. I can get a million emails, but I will make sure that I answer everyone because I know how it feels to be ignored or put on hold once you’ve made a payment to a company and have not received your goods.  I think there are a lot of people running boutiques that have no interest, professionalism, or education in fashion but just want a quick way to make money. I tilt my hat to boutique owners who are doing this because they love fashion and love what they do. 

6. Lastly, for the readers who may be interested in doing so, how can one stay connected with the latest happenings concerning Disclothesure? 
Everyone can visit Disclothesure at www.disclothesure.com, follow us on Instagram @shopdisclothesure, and like us on Facebook at Disclothesure.  

I loved this interview because I could feel the authenticity that Tamika Toler exudes and I can also tell that she is very passionate about her brand. Being able to correspond with women who continue to break down barriers in life while possessing their individual sense of style is enlightening and inspiring. Disclothesure is a brand that dares to set itself apart from other online retailers and with a passionate CEO/stylist standing firmly behind it, Disclothesure is sure to remain on top. 

Be sure to keep your eye on Disclothsure