Yes, I am back with yet another post because this week has been full of eye opening and self defining moments for me. I wrote this poem, if it can even be called that, a few days ago after finding out something that broke my heart all over again and after putting all of me into it, I realized just how powerful my perception of myself is. So, I'm going to share this piece with you all and IF you find yourself somewhere in the following lines, I see you and know that this journey of being firm about who you are is one that you don't have to travel alone. I'm right there with you. 

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I used to be restless

My mind filled with second guesses

My actions deemed as reckless

I was damaging to myself

Who Am I?

I was never enough

Hell bent on proving my worth

Surrounded by false friendships that led to hurt

I was no better than the dirt that covers the earth

Who Am I?

At night I would cry

Fed myself negative lies

These lies replaced "keep hope alive"

I was losing an internal fight.

Who Am I?

Got tired of me

Wanted to break

Fulfill my destiny

But forgot that whatever you sow, you shall reap

Who Am I?


Fearful of the twists & turns in life

Trying to hide but my shame is in plain sight

Who Am I?

Last straw was the last love

Exposed and left open ; cleaning up my mess and the mess left behind by my ________

So really, WHO AM I?

Well, I'm a hard to digest but stay the course and I'll provide relaxation woman

I'm a choosy because I say so but come forth respectfully, honestly and openly if your vibe is right woman

I'm a peace loving but your chill will be found if you disrespect woman

I am the opposite of perfection but no longer second guessing, crown wearing Queen in my story and I wear this well kind of woman.

I am complex, full of everything sweet and spicy, gentle enough to caress

I AM a woman, womanly, finding and giving love to myself wholly. 

Womanly is who I AM.