Good afternoon everyone! I hope that you all are enjoying your Thursday thus far. I am caught in the middle of going against the initial direction for Nai's Visions and wanting to let my devout fan flag run free. I pride myself on straying away from placing the main focus of the blog on celebrities and I probably always will...but today I MUST break the rules. You may not be aware of this but I'm going to tell you anyway: I am a huge Beyonce fan. I have every single album that she has released and I know every single word to all of her songs. It gets that serious around here.

With that being said, imagine the sheer joy that I felt when I woke up to learn that Mrs. Carter is featured on the cover of CR Fashion Book's Fall issue. Sheer joy! I wanted to repeat that just in case you didn't comprehend the intensity of those words the first time. 

Just a few days ago, Beyonce gave an immaculate performance during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards show. Performing songs from her 2013 self-titled album such as "No Angel", "Haunted", and "Flawless", Beyonce proclaimed her full blown support of the Feminist movement while silencing any rumors that her marriage is coming to an end. While we know that Beyonce is not one to always verbally express everything that is going on in her personal life, she has a way of letting the world exactly what she wants it to know. 

i am not only a fan of Beyonce because of the beautiful talent that she was blessed with, I am a fan of her because she shows that women can be multi-dimensional. Who gets to decide that a woman cannot be devoted to her family and her career while maintaining the things that come along with being a woman? No one, that's who.

Photographs courtesy of: NY Daily News