I am a sucker for great style so it should be of no surprise that I just had to feature yet another stylish beauty here on Nai's Visions. The great thing about Style is that it can be totally unique to one's personality. I always believe that even if two people were wearing the exact same outfit, the aura of their looks would be different because personal style runs much deeper than one's outer appearance. Your outer appearance is literally just icing on the cake!

Today I wanted to feature someone who enjoys being feminine and literally revels in it. I came across the blog Pockets & Bows a few years ago and became transfixed with the amazing style of the blogger over the site. One thing that stands out the most about this particular blogger's style is that she has mastered the art of being confident in her attire and dressing for her body type.

There are certain "rules" that some people have come up with concerning who should or shouldn't wear what but I believe that no one is limited from wearing whatever their heart desires. Style is PERSONAL and that means that you have to figure out what does/doesn't work because YOU said so. 

Another thing that I absolutely adore about Brittany's style is that she is not afraid of incorporating different prints/patterns into her wardrobe! My eyes literally jump whenever I notice someone pulling off a statement print effortlessly and seeing that I'm naturally drawn to bright colors more than anything, Brittany's take on statement prints does it for me. 

There is also something to be said about someone who can turn an everyday casual look into something fabulous. You don't necessarily have to wear statement prints or patterns to create a stylish look. There are other elements that can be added to turn a seemingly casual look into something more. See Brittany's take on casual wear: 

This is only a snippet of the wonderful style that Fashion Blogger Brittany Coleman possess. Be sure to stop by her blog, Pockets & Bows, to see even more of her incredible style! Also be sure to check out her Youtube Channel as well: