The style gods must have the biggest smiles on their faces right now because how is it that I'm able to continue coming across wonderful women who possess such unique styles? While I'm not necessarily sure that actual "style gods" exist, it's a fun way to personify the essence that comes along with having an amazing sense of style. Today's Woman Crush goes to someone who not only has a beautiful sense of style but is also creative. 

K.T. Reed's style captured my eye while I was browsing the "Explore" page on Instagram. While I wasn't a huge fan of seeing random pictures from others at first, I found myself silently taking back my initial irritation. After quickly browsing through K.T. Reed's Instagram page, OfficialKTR, I knew that I needed to make my way to the website that was listed in the bio. Talk about an instant love! I believe that I gasped several times because the layout and designs of the clothing of KTRcollection literally took my breath away.

I am drawn to the feminine and modern take on the 1920's era that flows from the KTRcollection. Some of my favorite pieces from this collection are as follows:

Purple Passion Skirt (Made to Order)

I love how intricately designed each piece from the KTRcollection is. I'm sure that one can argue that online boutiques are rampant on Instagram and that the products being offered look the same but I can personally attest to the fact that that is not true about this collection. K.T. Reed has captured the essence of femininity and stitched it into each piece within this collection. Talk about creative!

But this is literally just the icing on the cake for K.T. Reed, again, possess her own powerful sense of style. Not only that but she mastered the art of choosing the perfect backgrounds to make her outfit choices pop even more!

Details are essential to creating the perfect look and K.T. Reed shows that she has mastered the fine art of choosing key statement pieces that seem to stand out as well as flow with her outfit choices!

It is the most amazing thing when someone seems to perfect what it means to have style all while managing a business as well as day-to-day activities. One of my many mantras is that even though life may cause you to juggle several tasks at one time, you might as well look great while doing so. K.T. Reed does this and more. 

If you're interested in staying up-to-date with K.T. Reed and her business/style ventures then please do not hesitate to visit KTRcollection, KTRstyle and her social media handles:

Instagram: officialktr 

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Twitter: officialktr 

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