I've been all over the place with the blog as of late because there is so much going on and this is the first time in a while where I've been motivated to write as well as share my thoughts with others. Come next month however, I will be taking a break to relax and focus on other areas of my life.

So...yesterday's #30Layers30Days challenge involved writing "a list of affirmations that invite abundance into your life." Initially I was going to write this in my journal only but something is tugging at my heart to share this list with you today.

1. Love is not the enemy. In fact, it is a part of your very being and is always waiting for you to continue allowing yourself to be open to the blessings that it wants to pour into your life.

2. Your emotional nature is not invalid nor is it worthy of being undermined. Do not be afraid of living as passionately as you feel. Allow yourself to feel. Being true to yourself invites authenticity into your life.

3. The dream career that has lived inside of your heart for years isn't a dream. The more that you put into walking towards what your heart yearns for, the more that God will reveal the next step in your journey. Just keep walking.

4. Trust yourself and your personal truths. Being open to accepting who you are invites others to do the same...and it attracts the kind of love that's necessary for your growth, healing and spiritual journey.

These are my affirmations...and as I typed each one out, I felt my inner dam break. Sometimes I allow myself to get wrapped up in how others think that I should feel instead of allowing myself to be. When this happens, I either shut down or close myself off from the world until I can find my center again. Writing is therapeutic to me and it reminds me that being content with living life the way that I FEEL is when I'm the most joyful. It brings me peace.