Claim your miracle. Give thanks for something you yearn for that you have not received yet.  Imagine how it will feel to have this dream, goal, miracle happen and write your gratitude as if you have already received it.  Put it into words before it comes to life.   This is about believing in your miracle and writing it into existence.
I felt a surge of energy rush through me while reading today's challenge. After participating in the #30Layers30Days Self-Discovery Challenge for 14 days, I found that I will never question the power of writing again. I've dared to be step outside of my comfort zone and allow myself to be transparent through my writing. Today's challenge represents the things that my heart desires the most...the things that I'm positive will come into fruition in due time. I've been learning how to be still and exercise my ability to be grateful so this challenge is absolutely perfect. It's almost as if the Universe has picked up on my innermost feelings.

(Disclaimer: Again, the two paragraphs below are what my heart desires. They haven't manifested as of yet).

A few years ago, I was fresh out of two minimum wage jobs and an engagement that went sour. I somehow managed to hit rock bottom AGAIN but this time I allowed myself to be patient with my circumstances. I imagined myself getting a start in Fashion journalism and being in a healthy, thriving relationship...and I'm here! All of those years of questioning myself and finally allowing myself to trust who I am + how I feel invited the very things that my heart yearned for into my life. I learned how to be grateful for the small moments in my life and God decided that it was time for those moments to piece together. As a result I have the career that I've always wanted and I get to share my love with someone who not only adores me but respects me...and actually likes communicating with me! Words will never be able to express my gratitude properly but I know that God has always been watching out for me and slowly guiding me to this point. I had to learn a few lessons but they make this moment worth it.

What's even better is that I'm carrying a smaller version of myself and my love inside of me. I didn't trust myself enough to be someone's mother back then but look at me. I'm nurturing this tiny life form and I am so full of love...literally. Everything makes sense and I would have never thought in a million years that I would be this blessed. I am surrounded by so much love and support. All that I can say is thank you God. Thank you for the sometimes painful lessons. Thank you for teaching me that patience is actually a gift. Thank you for trusting me.

My idea of happiness and success include having the career that I want in addition to having my own family. I've never wanted one more than the other ; it has always been both that I truly yearn for. I know that one of these days I'll be in the position where I'm able to fully receive these blessings and that is why I'm in the position of being grateful for the point that I'm at in life right now. I realize that life is not a race and that God will continue opening doors as HE sees fit. Either way, it doesn't hurt to be grateful for the things that he's going to bring my way :)