Good morning everyone! It is the beginning of a brand new month and it feels wonderful that we're beginning September on a Monday morning. I have a few things to share with you today due to my weekend giving me a few great reminders and other little surprises along the way. Before I get into that, I want to dive into a beautiful challenge that I've decided to partake in. I've had the blessed opportunity to come across another beautiful soul this year by the name of GG Renee and she is truly an angel in human form. I am always moved by those who are able to speak about their personal experiences and share their words with others. It is a reminder that we all experience an array of emotions and situations that can leave either a sweet or bitter taste in our mouths. 

This particular challenge centers around self-discovery and I just knew that I couldn't let this entire month go by without participating. September is my birthday month and it is also the month where Fall begins so I am already feeling sentimental about this challenge. So let's jump right into it shall we?


I would like to begin spending more time in nature. I know that this may seem like an odd thing to start out with but  of loving the different aspects of Fashion & Style, I enjoy being in nature. I love walking around barefoot outside and it's something that I've always done as a child. I would like to get back to the inner flower child that lives inside of me. The one who may be slightly fearful of insects and other animals but also extremely fascinated to watch them in their natural habitat. It brings me great joy and peace, being outside and just taking in all of the beautiful things that God has created. I need that back in my life. 


I want to stop being fearful of going places by myself entirely. I've learned how to be okay with doing things by myself for the most part but there are times when something can trigger fear within me and I'm almost paralyzed into not wanting to go anywhere by myself. This fear started when I was 17, after I experienced a traumatic sexual assault situation and sometimes this fear springs to life on its own. It's something that I've been actively working on for a long and I realize that it's something that I have to be patient with myself about. I have been taking things slowly, such as running errands by myself, and I also have adopted the notion that I'm truly not 'alone' so to speak because I'm being watched over by God. Maybe it sounds silly to some of you but it's been working for me.\

Another thing that I would like to stop doing is allowing myself to feed into why some people move through life with hatred for others. Because I am people-oriented, I sometimes take it personally when someone lashes out at others angrily or hatefully. This can take a toll on my mood and my energy so one of the things that I've started to do is unplug from social media bit by bit. I think that it's necessary to pull back from the world because everything isn't always going to be positive and sometimes you need to give yourself a break. 


Continue...there are so many different things that I've grown to love about the positive habits that I've picked up over the past few years. I want to continue moving through life as if I am having my own internal party and want to spread that joy around with others. Growing up, I was always smiling or laughing about something because despite any circumstances, I was a very happy child. I'm STILL a happy child. It's just that this time around, I acknowledge that I am equally a happy woman within the same light. 

I want to continue learning how to be comfortable within my skin and being open to the possibility of growth. I now know that while growth may not be an easy experience, it is something that is beneficial to life. I continuously give myself room to change and grow because I understand that these things are actually very beautiful to me. The small moments in life count so much and they are essential to the big picture that other people always talk about. The small moments make me appreciate the finished product of each huge moment in life.

Lastly, I want to continue being open to LOVE. Love is something that I believe that I've always been moved by. Love is much more than hearing a man tell me he loves me every day. It's about the way that my mom acknowledges my efforts and pushes me to continue to succeed in my own way. It's about the way that my sister calls just to catch up during the week. It's about the way that my grandmother always makes sure to tell me to keep God first and never forget to read my bible. It's about the way that my nephews always seem excited to see as well as be around me. I mean the list goes on and on. I used to be a victim of thinking that love is painful and that it doesn't love anyone but that's because I wasn't experiencing love during the bad moments with some people from my past...and I wasn't actively giving myself love. I feel that the moment that I decided that I was going to allow myself to actively and openly love myself, I opened up a door of infinite possibilities. It feels beautiful...knowing that love is always around me, encircling my every move. 

I want to encourage you to participate in this self-discovery challenge too! Please be sure to stop by GG Renee's website to sign up! I would love to read about your take on today's Start.Stop.Continue challenge!!