Good morning! I thought that I would share my take on today's challenge with you as I've been busy filling up my journal with the other challenges.

I am very big on creating a judgment-free space concerning Nai's Visions and other areas of my life. It is something that I realize has become increasingly important over the past few years and it will probably always be something that I'm adamant about. One of the things that tugs at my heartstrings is the fact that women are placed under a microscope. We're told how to carry ourselves more so to have a man deem us worthy of their time, affection and even respect. What's sad about this is that some women fall into the trap of thinking that they have to change everything about themselves just because someone finds fault with who they are. I've been extremely guilty of that.

Women wear different hats in life and just because said hats differ doesn't mean that one woman is somehow less worthy of respect than the next woman. We live in a world where we break women into two different groups: worthy of marriage and whores. We quickly judge a woman if her body is exposed and give praises to the woman who "carries herself as a lady SHOULD." I find it odd how we are raised to create division amongst women...all for the sake of being deemed worthy for marriage. Whose to say that all women desire to be married anyway? I think that it's absolutely ludicrous to expect all women to carry themselves the same way in order to reach society's common goals in life. Standards and rules are meant to be broken in my opinion.

My goal is create a space where women do away with denying themselves the right to flourish gloriously in life as is. We were not created to shrink behind others in life and that is why I work so hard to draw attention to different women within my Woman Crush Wednesday and Style Spotlight series. How dare I not support my fellow women and how multifaceted they are in life?