Authenticity. Authentic feelings. Authentic beings. Authentic experiences. Authentic life.  3 days before my 23rd birthday I realize just how important and inviting this one word can be. It took having my plans unravel to understand that where there is no authenticity, there is no way for life to flourish positively. And so, that's what authenticity means to me; an abundance of positive people and experiences bringing balance to your life. But it starts with self first.

I am at a point where I'm daring to understand myself and this self-discovery challenge opened up the doors of understanding even further. When I deny myself the right to exist in this life, vibrant personality excluded to comfort the space of others, I close myself off from authenticity. There is no way around it. Because I try to be understanding of others, I can lose focus from my own journey and shrink behind the possibility of how others may feel/think concerning how I feel/think. I have to remind myself that it is not my job to be the most loving, caring and considerate person according to the standards of others. My love, care and consideration are things that I am in control of defining for my life. The more that I express myself, refusing to shrink back due to possible criticism, the more that I allow my authentic self to flourish. It is a gift I think, being authentic towards yourself.

I am a passionate, blunt, mother hen, heel-wearing, feisty and loving being. I write how I feel daily. I speak my mind at times and sometimes I am silent. I have been labeled 'emotional' in the past and now I laugh because of course I am emotional! I feel with my senses, my mind, my heart; my passion is loud. My gift to myself is the fearlessness of myself...embracing who I am naturally.