Favorite Mistake
Give it up for Day 3 everyone! I've been thoroughly enjoying the challenges so far and today's challenge literally set my heart on fire. I tried to make myself thing long and hard about my response to today's challenge but my 'favorite mistake' kept popping up in the front of my mind. So, here it is: 
For years I put everyone before myself, all of the time. I have advice even when I could barely focus on my own problems. I made myself available because I never wanted to appear selfish. I was always there for everyone...but not myself. My entire being decided that enough was enough when I decided to end an engagement that I initially was excited about. I blamed myself for leaving for a while but then I started to realize that it came down to a matter of trying to overextend myself to make someone realize that they had my endless support and choosing me. So I finally chose me...after years of not doing so. 

Not choosing myself for so long created a well of tiresome emotions and my spirit couldn't take it anymore. The dam FINALLY broke and instead of drowning, I'm floating as if this is the most natural feeling in the world. And you know what? Choosing myself IS natural and I'm grateful for the moments that were created in order for me to get to this point.