Don't Fix Me, Love Me
I believe that I mentioned previously that I battled with insecurity for a long time and that I'm just now settling into feeling comfortable with who I am. It has quite an interesting journey and there have been times where I gave up along the way. The number one thing that I used to be terribly insecure about were my acne scars. When I began going through puberty, my skin went haywire. I was breaking out all of the time and it didn't help that I used to pick at my pimples in hopes that they would go away. Well, they did but they left reminders behind. I felt as if my acne scars were the first things that people saw when they looked at me and so I began to wear a lot of makeup to cover them up. BIG MISTAKE. I broke out even more and, although I didn't pick at my pimples this time around, my skin still bore scars. 

It wasn't until about last year that I stopped wearing as much makeup and forced myself to look in the mirror. I forced myself to stare at my skin, no makeup, and choose which part of my face that I was going to compliment. I created this self-love ritual and I found myself slowly beginning to take much better of my skin. I had no idea that the positive thoughts that I began to pour into myself would begin to manifest in my actions at the time. Fast forward to today, I still don't have absolutely perfect skin but it doesn't matter anymore. I don't wake up in the morning telling myself what I'll never be and how I'll never look anymore. I wake up and I thank God for my existence...for allowing me to finally appreciate myself, imperfections and all. Then I get dressed, step into the world and I let the world know who I am instead of the other way around. Accepting myself is one of the best decisions that I've made.