This year has been every bit of interesting and I'm sure that it will continue to become interesting as October, November and December come about. I've been in a reflective state for quite some time and I've picked up on a few life hacks as I inch closer to my mid-twenties. I am still growing and figuring out how to fully appreciate my space so there have been moments of discomfort along this journey but my beautiful life hacks always seem to come in handy during the difficult moments.

1. Appreciate the Things That Make You Who You Are

This should be a pretty obvious thing to do and maybe it shouldn't even be considered a life hack but if you've gone through periods of questioning yourself then this comes in handy. You will come across an array of people who have individual feels, thoughts and view points. Sometimes people give others the space to exist as is and well, sometimes they don't. Sometimes you come across people who seem genuine as far as giving constructive criticism but you later realize that they're actually being condescending. You may begin to question whether it's possible or acceptable to continue being yourself when others seem to thrive off of telling others what they think is wrong with them. Here's a little secret: overly critical people or those who are less likely to accept anyone who differs from them have gone through the process of someone else shooting down who they are. People can pick up on confidence and sometimes others become upset that people dare to walk through life as if they are unapologetic about who they are. As cliche as this is, who you are is unique and it's not fair to you if you shrink behind another person's masked insecurity. God made you who you are for a purpose. Trust and love that.

2. You Don't Have to Bend Over Backwards to Get Someone to Like You

Again, common sense tells you this but experience? Well, sometimes experience clouds your inner vision. This doesn't just apply to dating or relationships, this applies to virtually any type of friendship or work relationship. The first life hack exists for a reason; when you're comfortable with who you are then understand that it's not your job to jump through loops to make everyone else feel comfortable. This doesn't mean that you have to have a nasty attitude about accepting who you are but if someone is genuinely interested in being in your presence then their actions will show that. Try not to fret over the person who SAYS one thing but acts completely uninterested. You don't lose out on life because one person or a handful of people don't seem to like you.

3. Treat Yourself

If something honestly makes you feel good then do it! Indulge in allowing pleasure to enter your life. If you like staying in on the weekends with a bottle of wine + Netflix because it makes you feel good then keep doing it! If you like to get together with a group of friends with absolutely zero plans because you enjoy their company then keep doing it! If you like to splurge on yourself shopping wise because you saw a cute pair of shoes that would look great with that dress you've been dying to wear, then splurge! The list literally goes on! There isn't anything wrong with feeling good in life. You deserve it.

I don't have a super long and complicated list because life isn't about being complicated. Sometimes life is extremely simple but we try to make it more than that, adding unnecessary stress to our lives. It has taken me the longest to realize this and all I can do is chuckle at myself for taking the long drawn out roads when sometimes God has ZERO intentions of steering you in those directions. Life hacks work wonders IF you let them.