Keeping the ball moving, it's about that time again ladies and gentlemen! I love how you have been responding to the Style Spotlight series and I just know that you're going to love today's feature. As always, I decided to step out on faith and reach out to a stylish blogger that I've been keeping up with for quite some time.

Before I corresponded with Chanel, I found myself taking note of the way that she elaborately worded each post on When I see a style blogger who seems to put effort into running their blog, I instantly bookmark their blog in my head. Another thing that I love about Chanel is that, outside of her style posts, she offers her honest opinion about whether one should splurge or save on a particular item. Let's be honest, as much as we'd like to afford designer duds all of the time, we have to be realistic about where our money is going.

As much as I could give an entire speech concerning my view of someone's style, I thought that it would be a great idea to allow Chanel to personally share bits and pieces of herself with you. See what Chanel has to say about her style below:

Nai's Visions: I would like to thank you for allowing Nai’s Visions feature you within our Style Spotlight series! It is always a pleasure to come across individuals who have an understanding of their personal style. Before we begin, can you tell the readers about yourself?
Chanel: Hello Nai’s Visions readers. My name is Chanel and I’m a personal style blogger over at I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native and graduated from Howard University May 2012 with a BA in English & Speech & Applied Communication. I created September 2010 simply as a way to showcase my sense of style. At the time the world of blogging wasn’t half as big as it is now so I thought it would be a great time to tap into it.
NV: Style is something that can be subjective in terms of definition. If you had to describe it in your own words, what would your definition of style be?
C: My definition of style is very simple. It’s all about what YOU love wearing and feel the most comfortable and confident in.
NV: At what point did you begin to cultivate the sense of style that you have today?
C: I’ve always been stylish but it wasn’t until my college years did I really tap into my love of fashion and actually think about showcasing my style for the world to see.
Nai's Visions: If you had to sum of your style in just a few words, how would you describe it?
C: Over the years my style has definitely become more simple and refined. I would best describe my sense of style as having a classic aesthetic but always being topped off with a bold print or pop of color. I’m heavily inspired by Jackie-O, June Ambrose, and Jenna Lyons. A classic touch like Jackie-O, mixed with a print or pattern from June, and a boyish touch like Jenna and this undoubtedly makes up my current sense of style.
NV: I am aware that you are a blogger as well. How did your interest in blogging develop and what are some of the challenges that you may have faced as a blogger?
C: One of the most challenging things (for me) about having a blog is tech issues. I'm not the most tech savvy when it comes to certain programs and coding so having to work through those challenges over the years has certainly provided a few headaches and long nights. But with that there's absolutely nothing I would take back.
NV: Last but not least, what are some tips that you could offer to someone who may be struggling with cultivating their own unique style?
C: My tips for those struggling to tap into your sense of style is to simply try different things. Play with trends and see which ones you naturally gravitate to. Hone-in on what looks good on you, what colors compliment your complexion, and what your everyday style is. It’s a learning process (much like everything else in life) and won’t just happen overnight. But stick with it, have patience, and I guarantee you it’ll show itself forth over time.
Of course I love when others know what does/doesn't work for their individual style but I love it even more when said individuals allow their persona to shine through as well. Chanel is yet another stylish individual who proves that there is more to her than just a great sense of style and as always, Nai's Visions loves multi-dimensional women!

 If you're interested in keeping up-to-date with Chanel's personal style or latest endeavors, then please be sure to stay connected to her social media handles below:
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