I forgot to mention that Style Tuesday includes a two-for-one special! I've been focusing on my personal style and observations about life for the past few posts so I wanted to switch gears. Over the past few weeks I've been corresponding with a fellow blogger in hopes of featuring her on Nai's Visions and it just so happens that she was in Atlanta during this past weekend for The Lipstick Lineup event! The blogger that I am referring to is Ms. Janée Barbre of J. Barb and I knew that she was the perfect person to feature after meeting her in person. What's even better is that she's a Florida native just as I am! How cool is that?
I came across Janée's blog via the #BlackGirlsWhoBlog hashtag on Twitter and found myself drawn to her minimalistic yet chic style. In my opinion, I believe that Janée's style serves as the perfect inspiration for anyone who is looking to either rebuild their wardrobe or find a way to make a simplistic outfit pop. View example below:
Remember, accessories can be your best friend when paired together beautifully!

Per usual, I wanted to pick the mind of Janée and share her thoughts about style with you.
NV: I would like to thank you for allowing Nai’s Visions feature you within our Style Spotlight series! It is always a pleasure to come across individuals who have an understanding of their personal style. Before we begin, can you tell the readers about yourself?
JB: Hi readers!! I’m a 21 year old journalism student and I started my blog about two years ago. Originally, it was titled Ten & 21. I was in a place where I just wanted to display my love for fashion, but didn’t quite know how. I played around with Ten & 21 for a while, but then I developed J. Barb a few months ago. So far, its been my favorite thing!!! Its mine and I love having the ability to inspire others through something that’s just so personal to me.

NV: At what point would you say that you began to cultivate the sense of style that you have today?

JB: I’ve always loved clothes, but it wasn’t until after I graduated high school back in 2010 that I developed the stye I have today. I started working in retail immediately and that changed my entire life. Not only was I buying whatever I wanted, but I was snagging items at such great price points!! Discounts only drive me to buy more, so that definitely motivated me to try EVERYTHING!!! Trying it all helped me to select what did and didn’t work for me.

NV: If you had to sum of your style in just a few words, how would you describe it?
JB: In just a few words?? Oh boy, this may be tough… let’s see ummm I’d say trendy, relatable, girly and fun. As I get older, I’m definitely gravitating towards far more basic pieces and tons of black. They’re just easier to work with and build a wardrobe from for me.
NV: How do you feel that your style relates to your personality?
JB: I love being a lady, just overall. I’m really simple and plain, but I’m fancy too. I’m not sure if that makes a lot of sense but I get it. And that’s what is most important… that you get it. I just have a great understanding of me. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I literally dress for me!

NV: What are some of the things that influence your sense of style?

JB: My style is influenced by a lot of things. One of my favorite places to get style inspiration from, is from the pages of a magazine. People Stylewatch has been on my radar for about two or three years now. My mom subscribed to it and I was instantly hooked. I also love other bloggers because their styles are usually pretty authentic. Shirley B. Eniang is one of my absolute favorites! I’m also influenced by music. Upbeat tunes really get my creative juices flowing, so when I’m shopping or putting together an ensemble, I’m usually listening to like Disclosure, Little Dragon or SBTRKT.

NV: Style is something that can be subjective in terms of definition. If you had to describe it in your own words, what would your definition of style be?

JB: Style to me is just a mix of the way you perceive yourself and the way you present it to the world. It isn’t even always about clothes. Style embodies everything from the way you walk, to the way you carry your handbag. Is it on your wrist or are you holding it in your hand? Its knowing that there’s more than one of everything, but the way YOU sport it is the best.

NV: Name 1-2 items within your wardrobe that you cannot live without and why.

JB: I cannot live without fingernail polish!!! Nails are just as much a part of your wardrobe as anything else you’re wearing. A good manicure is a sign of being a lady. I also can’t live without a flannel. I love love love plaid & buffalo check! Plaid comes and goes but its so trendy and popular. Also it helps you get away with being lazy when you really just want to throw on something cute and go.

NV: Last but not least, if someone who is struggling with the idea of developing their own sense of style came to you for advice, what are some helpful tips that you would share with them?
JB: I’d say just try it!! No matter what “it” is. Find colors and patterns that complement you well and just play around with them. Look for sales and seek items that come in multiple colors. Also, be you. Find inspiration, but don’t copy others. Its way harder to imitate than it is to innovate. Add your own flare to things and like magic, your personal style will come together.

Janée's style is not the only relatable thing about her! Her persona shines through each response that she gave and this alone speak volumes. Your attire is just the icing on top of the cake; cake being your sense of style. It is always great to feature someone and allow them to express themselves without filter. This is another attribute of having style. It should be totally unfiltered and 100% YOU.

If you are interested in keeping in contact with Janée Barbre then please do not hesitate to follow her blog, Janee Barbre as well as her other social media handles!

Twitter: @janeebarbre

Instagram: @janeebarbre