Black men, black women and black children....I wrote a poem for you.

My heart won't let me rest until the world knows how much I stand by you.

This isn't about tearing others down in an attempt to uplift you.

This is about the soul wrenching outcry that I continue to hear from you.

I can't fix the world we live in but I am capable of loving you.

I am capable of recognizing your resilience, brilliance and magnificence.

I am capable of watching you hold on to hope when your hope is threatened.

You inspire me...entirely.

Because of you, I learned to take pride in the thing that others try to ridicule me for based off of skin color and race alone

You made me appreciate being born into this community...

We may not always see eye to eye but I know that when the time goes, our solidarity and unshakable faith is the very thing that helps us survive.

Although I am only one person, you matter to me. Your lives are worthy to me. Your truths fuel me. Your spirits guide me and strengthen me.

I thank God for you and I pray for you daily.