Good morning all and happy December 2nd! I wanted to keep the ball rolling this week by bringing you a Style Spotlight feature today. It seems as if it has been forever since I've had the pleasure of interviewing someone and getting their perspective on their personal style. While I don't mind giving my interpretation of things, it can be pretty fun to take in the opinions of others in a healthy dosage. Filters and balance exist for a reason! 

I honestly am a sucker for great style and if I could compile my own book of the personal style that I've come across then I would! The more that I think about it, the more that I realize that this is actually a really great idea and I am going to keep that in mind. Any who, without giving too much away, I will say that I had the opportunity to come across Barbara Onuoha's personal style via Instagram (you guessed it). Upon learning that she is also a blogger, I decided to venture to her blog Bella Estraneo. I love when someone's personal style isn't easily defined by labels such as feminine, casual chic, rocker-glam, edgy, etc. It makes the person seem completely spontaneous and able to accept change as it happens, which is always a great thing in my opinion.

Again, I had the chance to pick Barbara Onuoha's brain briefly. Read along below to see what this stylish beauty has to say about her personal style:

NV: I would like to thank you for allowing Nai’s Visions feature you within our Style Spotlight series! It is always a pleasure to come across individuals who have an understanding of their personal style. Before we begin, can you tell the readers about yourself?

BO: My name is Barbara Onuoha. I’m twenty something years old hahahahaha, and I am the creator of I love fashion, playing basketball, journaling, thrifting, napping, and watching romantic comedies that end up in true love pretending like I am the protagonist lol. Basically I am as strange as they come, but I cool with that ahahahaahahahah.

NV: At what point would you say that you began to cultivate the sense of style that you have today?

BO: I think the cultivation of my style started as soon as I was able to think and speak. The tailoring and the refinement of my style in its current state started about four and half years ago during my earlier years of college. I got to an age where I was not so concerned with what people thought of me, and I was getting to a point where I wanted to be seen and heard. For a large portion of my life I felt almost invisible. Growing up, a lot of young children have a goal of fitting it, but you can fit in so much that you blend in, and ultimately disappear. When I was ready to step out of that mind frame I could really take the time to focus on a wardrobe that I felt represented me as the young woman I am and want to be.

NV: If you had to sum up your style in just a few words, how would you describe it?

BO: In a few words I would say that my style is everything. Its happiness, sadness, excitement, mysterious. My style is emotion.

NV: How do you feel that your style relates to your personality?

BO: My style is a bit schizo[phrenic] to tell you the truth. It is ever changing to represent all the multifaceted sides to my personality. I can be very serious, super silly, and extremely laid back. I feel like my style of dress should represent me to the fullest and that would not be possible if there was not a variety of options to choose from that I was comfortable with. Individuals who wear the same types of things sort of give me the chills. I think to myself, “is there more to you”?

NV: What are some of the things that influence your sense of style?

BO: I am influenced by everything. I love looking at fashion bloggers to see what they are wearing and how they are wearing things. I love how they make their own trends and even influence the trends seen on the runways, but the most influential aspect of my style are my emotions. I have never been a very openly emotional person. It is hard for me to open up, and I have even been told that I am very hard to read, and that I come off cold and disconnected. With my style, I have learned how to use what I wear to express myself. I can literally wear my heart on my sleeve. If I am feeling very sophisticated and mysterious I may throw on an all black outfit that accentuates my curves with sleek and chic straight hair. If I am feeling very open and relatable, a good pair of denim always does it for me. My style is my visual diary to my deepest emotions.[Wow! What a concept]

NV: Style is something that can be subjective in terms of definition. If you had to describe it in your own words, what would your definition of style be?

BO: I love the fact that style is looked at subjectively. My personal perception of style is “a distinctive appearance strictly pertaining to an individual’s visual perception of internal thoughts and emotions”. In some weird way I hope that makes sense…to someone lol. [It makes PERFECT sense to me]

NV: Name 1-2 items within your wardrobe that you cannot live without and why.

BO: That is a hard question, because to me the basic necessities for me are about five different things. I would have to say that I can’t have a great functioning wardrobe without a great tailored blazer that I can transition from day to night, and to make it more modern, why not have it in a nice cobalt blue or blush pink.  [How can anyone not love blush pink? It's so darling]

NV: Last but not least, if someone who is struggling with the idea of developing their own sense of style came to you for advice, what are some helpful tips that you would share with them?

BO: If someone came to me for advice on developing their own style I would tell them to first describe a phenomenal woman, and then I would ask them what that woman wears. Next, I would tell them to look for power clothes. No, not an Olivia Pope wardrobe that is perfect for calling a meeting with the gladiators (I don’t know if you can tell yet that I am clearly a Scandal fan), but a wardrobe full of clothes that makes you feel like a woman (or a man) that can do anything. Clothes that scream I am comfortable in my skin and I am somebody that you should know. People forget that the best accessory to an outfit is confidence. Adding the bells and whistles from great stores like ZARA and TopShop are simply added bonuses, but a true great wardrobe starts from within. [I couldn't agree more]


Wow! What an insightful interview right? I can wholeheartedly say that I have drawn inspiration from this interview and that it may be my favorite to date! It is one thing to be inspired by one's personal style but it is another to also be inspired by their thought process. Barbara Onuoha of Bella Estraneo truly understands how personal style is and I love the fact that she literally wears her emotions. I never thought about expressing my innermost emotions through my style before this interview but I am thinking about it now.

Please be sure to keep your eye on this stylish blogger by visiting her blog and other social media handles during your spare time!

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