Good morning all and happy Monday! I hope that you were able to enjoy your weekend. I have two special treats for you that revolve around personal style and I hope that you'll find some inspiration from them!

If you are active on Instagram then you may have come across the username, TRIBECALLEDSOULI would like to introduce you to Cee Marie, the creative force behind the aforementioned Instagram account. 


Despite not knowing a great deal about her, one cannot deny the presence of her personal style. Cee Marie dares to layer and create combinations that others may either shy away from or not even think about, creating an element of surprise with each look. One day she can create an ultra feminine look and the next day she can be spotted donning a look that reminds of you the mid to late 90's, hip hop era. The most important question, however, is how does  Cee Marie choose to classify her style? Luckily I was able to have the opportunity to correspond with her to find out! 

NV: I would like to thank you for allowing Nai’s Visions feature you within our Style Spotlight series! It is always a pleasure to come across individuals who have an understanding of their personal style. Before we begin, can you tell the readers about yourself?

CM: Thank you for featuring me on Nai’s Vision, I am truly humbled and honor by your compliments! I guess I will just start of with Basic information. My Name is Chantel-Marie and I am a 20 year old Fashion Design student from Canada.

NV: At what point would you say that you began to cultivate the sense of style that you have today?

CM: My style definitely did not start to truly develop until my last year of high school. I always knew I was different and a more artistic individual but could not freely express that side externally for a while. As I started to recognize the kind of person I was internally and came to appreciate and nurture that side of me, I was able to allow myself to grow externally. My style is always changing or growing because I am always growing and discovering different sides of my soul. So with that being said, Fashion is my art and an expression of my being and I’m really happy with being who I believe I was always meant to be. 

NV: If you had to sum of your style in just a few words, how would you describe it?

CM: Poetic Strokes of Art 

NV: How do you feel that your style relates to your personality?

CM: As brought forth in the first question, a lot of what I wear is coming from how I am feeling within my heart. My personality is always evolving and so is my style. Expressing myself this way helps me to understand myself more clearly.

NV: What are some of the things that influence your sense of style?

CM: Besides my personality, music is a major influence in how I dress! Music is an amazing art form that I can relate to on many levels. Some genres that I find I connect with most would be Jazz, Blues, Hip-hop, Neo-Soul, R&B. Another influence would be classic, or old school styles that are represented in some of my favorite shows, movies or artists. Another influence would be that of art in general.

NV: Style is something that can be subjective in terms of definition. If you had to describe it in your own words, what would your definition of style be?

CM: A detox of self. An external expression of the internal being.

NV: Name 1-2 items within your wardrobe that you cannot live without and why.

CM: I could probably live without all of my closet but I couldn’t live with out my forest green crewneck with some dogs in a barrel that I’ve had since I was in middle school. Its still one of my favorite sweaters and it happens to fit me after all these years.

NV: Last but not least, if someone who is struggling with the idea of developing their own sense of style came to you for advice, what are some helpful tips that you would share with them?

CM: In order to understand who you are on the outside and your style, you must first understand what it is that you’re feeling inside. Understanding and appreciating yourself as a human and a unique individual will help you to relate that into what you wear. Allow your passions and interests to shine through with what you wear and learn to love you without insecurities or fears of not being accepted. You should only be afraid of not being able to accept yourself. With that, it is important that you dress for yourself. Period. 

Personal style isn't a complicated matter but it is something that each individual figures out for themselves at some point in their lives.  Cee Marie said it best when she pointed out that "understanding and appreciating yourself as a human and a unique individual" are key points to the development as well as comfortability of one's personal style. Clothes, accessories and footwear are literally an extension of your personality. It doesn't matter if you love fashion or can't stand the thought of it. Whatever you choose to wear AND however you choose to wear it is a part of you. 

Cee Marie obviously is another individual who understands herself internally, which allows her to be able to be comfortable and confident with her personal style. Her Instagram page, TRIBECALLEDSOUL is filled to the brim with style inspiration and I highly suggest that you check it out in your spare time. I've personally browsed her page when I am looking for functional work attire. Her style includes elements that are sure to resonate with anyone regardless of how you choose to label your personal style and that is ALWAYS an indication of great style!