I find myself struggling to be accepting of the opinions of others sometimes. There have been times where I've scrolled my timeline on social media and wondered why I'm still following someone after observing them complain about something more than two days in a row. There have been times where I've wondered who pissed in someone's coffee as I've watched them share an opinion that sounds like a full blown bashing [of someone else] session. This is where I struggle with resisting the urge to be petty and unforgiving.

I've been tossing this idea around in my head for a while and I'll be honest, some days I wonder why I continue to keep twitter. Then I remember that I've actually connected with some pretty amazing people who have a pleasant aura. It's always easy to like and accept others when they are pleasant though. I've known this for a while but I'll share it anyway; it doesn't take rocket science for me to know that God is still teaching me how to be patient and loving during others' not so pleasant moments. I'm not even pleasant all of the time, hello.

I know that I can be just as opinionated which means that I'm not always right in my approach to different things and dealing with others. Sometimes I have the "my way or the highway" attitude and that leaves very little room for me to be accepting of others. I've had to learn not to take my mess to twitter, tumblr, facebook and instagram when I'm in a negative space. I've realized how easy it is to unplug and meditate so that I can find my sanity and humanity again. Essentially I know that my way isn't going to be everyone's way and I'm learning to work through the urge to be rude when I feel that someone else is being rude. I probably mentioned this before but my temper is nasty and there have been times where I can't remember what I said to someone (aka "blacked out") when I've been enraged. This is my honest, not so awesome truth.

My advice to you, not by law, is that if you ever find yourself on social media and you're irritable or angry about something, take a minute to step back from the computer. Turn off your phone, laptop, tablet or ipod for a while. Let yourself be free from the opinions of others and focus on yourself in that very moment. If someone said something that rubbed you the wrong way, don't place the focus on them. It's cliche but do not give others the power to drive you crazy because of their opinions. If you're seeing opinions on your social media timelines from people you voluntarily follow that continuously put you in a negative space, the mute, block and unfollow buttons exist for a reason. Your emotional health is beyond important. Don't let anyone take you to a place that you are uninterested in being in. You have more control over this aspect of your life than you may give yourself credit for.