Keeping the ball moving with yet another feature within our "Get To Know" series, today also brings about the introduction of a young woman whose ability to multi-task stylishly is something I could not pass up. It is one thing to create one blog that you try to keep updated on a regular basis but when you are able to run THREE blogs, there is something to be said about that. 

Meet Chloe

I first came across this stylish beauty via Instagram towards the latter part of 2014 and found myself intrigued by the way that she carefully put together her looks. The best part about her style is that she is another blogger who is fond of thrift shopping! One of the few blogs that she runs is Strictly Thrifty and it highlights her thrifting finds. 

I've read several style books that spoke of style tricks that minimize the curves that one may have but who says that every woman wants to hide her curves? What I love about Chloe's style is that it is very feminine and works to accentuate her curves. Ironically, another blog that she runs is called Chloe Has Curves.

 Another thing that I love about Chloe's style is that she is NOT afraid of color. Don't get me wrong, I love that styling neutrals seems to be widely popular as of late, but color always makes things fun. It's all about finding the right balance so that you avoid going overboard. The look that Chloe put together below shows the perfect way to accessorize a look with color:

I was able to pick the brain of Chloe to find out more about her style:

Nai's Visions: In terms of your personal style, how do you choose to define it and how do you feel it relates to who you are?

Chloe: Honestly I actually ask myself this a lot lol. I am not sure specifically what to call it but I think it can be described as pretty conservative, classy, and a bit of sexiness. I think that is exactly who I am because I know how to cover up yet still look appealing. I strongly believe in leaving something to the imagination and knowing how to "balance" an outfit out so that you can keep your sex appeal even if all of your garments aren't skin tight.

NV: Has there ever been a time where you struggled with cultivating your style on your terms? If so, how did you work to overcome this?

C: I wouldn't say that I struggled. My looks changed with time and age just as everyone's does. I will say I started to notice my style the most in college because with a small budget, I ended up at the thrift stores a lot. Finding unique pieces were my outfit inspirations. 

NV: What are some ways that you insure that you remain true to the style that you have today?
C: The only way for me is to keep thrifting. I have become a very avid thriftier over the past few years and I still go for the unique pieces as well as a few basics for mixing and matching.  As long as they are items you may not see again, it’s easy to remain true to my style and keep building on it as well.
NV: It is no mystery that trends can be very influential. However, do you find yourself influenced by trends or do you find yourself leaning more so towards things that happen to speak to your personal style?
C: I don’t think I am influenced too much by trend.  I pay attention to it to know what is going on and sometimes it does give me an idea but when I tried the trending things in the past, I didn’t like how it looked on me which is why I stopped.  I love it on the people that wear it (correctly) but I will leave that to them.  I am definitely the personal style type.
NV: What is the most important piece of advice that you could give anyone concerning their personal style? 
C: I would advise anyone to always go with their first instinct. When I say this I am referring to outfit choices. When you know you are going somewhere, sometimes you may try to put an outfit together in advance. Usually the first combo is your best because it is what your heart told you first.  You can alter things like a different pair of shoes or bag but the main pieces are just as important and you can’t even pick accessories without knowing that first. I say this because I always find myself liking my first choice better even after changing the look 10 times. So go with your first choice and save the other combos for next time. 

 The style advice that Chloe provided is something that I think everyone can benefit from, including myself. Everyone's personal style story may not be similar but the underlying theme is to make sure to trust yourself and in Chloe's case, she has that down to a science. Be sure to stay tuned because tomorrow will bring about more insight into The Chloe Brand overall and Ladies Love Dapper, which are both ran by none other than Chloe herself. In addition to that, you'll get a chance to see who Chloe is beyond her personal style! 

In the mean time, be sure to follow Chloe on her social media handles below:

Twitter: @chloehascurves 

Instagram: @chloehascurves  

Twitter: @thechloebrand

Instagram: @thechloebrand