The Fall and Winter seasons brought about an influx of minimalistic looks that seemed to take precedence over the "in-your-face" style that debuted during the Spring and Summer seasons. More specifically, neutral colors seem to be one of the "it" trends that are not showing any sign of fading into the background any time soon. Below I've put together a few looks that I feel capture the essence of this trend and, if you are interested, will serve as a guide on how to effectively style this look.

 Whether you are enjoying a simple lunch in the afternoon or casually roaming around the city, this look is perfect for doing so.

How to Style: Neutrals I

This next look features a soft color palette that is offset by a striking, patterned coat. This look also features a clutch that is patterned differently than the coat and further takes this seemingly "casual" look to the next level.

Mixing Prints

This final look shows that while neutrals can be the main focus of your entire look, a pop of color can help spice it up. Cari Rene of Layllah Style shows how to perfectly execute that here:

Here is my take on adding a pop of color to your neutral look:

Untitled #102

Styling a neutral look leaves the window wide open for a multitude of outfit combinations. It's no wonder that this trend has taken off during the Fall and Winter seasons! Remember that 'neutral' doesn't have to equal 'boring' when it comes to style. If you liked one or all of the looks above, be sure to share your thoughts down below!