Since my 1 year "anniversary" of being employed within an office setting is approaching, I decided to share a few office wear inspiration boards with you. Being employed within an office setting truly has tested my outfit coordination skills because I was certain that I only needed one pair of black dress pants to get me by in life. WRONG! Last year consisted of me buckling down and investing in more functional, office friendly pieces to complement the new position I found myself in. In a sense, my style matured as a result of being employed in my current job so kudos to that! 

Enough about me already! This is all about inspiring you just in case you ever face a slump when it comes down to dressing for work. Who says that you have to 1. forfeit your personal style and 2. wear repetitive looks in the office? Below you will find three looks that will help either get or keep those creative juices flowing in terms of your style in an office setting!

This first look features a simple, neutral color scheme with classic silhouettes that I personally think no one can go wrong in. If you work in an office setting that is a bit more relaxed, i.e. business casual, this look is perfect for that. 

How to Style: Office Wear 1

This second look features grey tones that are complemented by splashes of powder pink/blush tones. I suppose that I am being rather biased by throwing my favorite shade of pink into this set but I feel that it helps give this look a more feminine appeal. Due to the color scheme, I feel that this look is a step above business casual. For all of you ladies who do not have the luxury of dressing a little more casually, this look will still give you the feel of a casual look while maintaining the perfect balance of a stricter office environment.

How to Style: Office Wear 2

The last look that I created is for my ladies who work in a more creative office environment. While this type of environment may give you a lot more wiggle room when it comes down to the looks that you can wear, you still want to create looks that will have a polished feel to them. This does not mean to be afraid of wearing color! For example, this look substitutes navy for black to give it a more modern/relaxed feel. [Update: I decided to add another creative office wear look!]

How to Style: Office Wear

Work Wear

Corporate or office wear doesn't mean that you have to give up your personal style altogether! If anything, it just requires you to be a little more creative which can be fun! If you liked one of the above looks, be sure to leave a comment below!