That's right! I am back with yet another post and this has everything to do with my natural hair. It took me about one day to figure out what my hair truly responds to and I'm going to share those products with you today. Now, I'm not 100% sure but I believe that my hair texture falls in the 4B/4C range which means that my hair is a mixture of kinks and coils. One of the things that comes along with my hair texture is shrinkage. Now that I know how to care for my hair a bit better, shrinkage and I are best friends because it's always fun knowing that my hair is a lot longer than perceived. I don't have any plans to have my hair straightened just yet but it will more than likely be around my 24th birthday in September. 

Jumping right into things, below you will find what I typically use to wash and condition my hair.

When I first decided to go natural about 4 years ago, I kept hearing people reference Jamaican Black Castor Oil but never got around to using it. HOWEVER, after using the JBCO as a moisturizer while wearing protective styles, I became a fan. This led me to wanting to try Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil products when they were launched. I personally love the smell of the above products and I also happen to love the way that my hair feels moisturized as well as refreshed as a result. I will generally wash my hair every 1-2 weeks, depending on what I feel my hair needs, and I will deep condition my hair every 2 weeks. I didn't experience as much shedding as I thought that I would upon washing and deep conditioning my hair which is great! To have products that strength, grow and restore your hair is something that I definitely feel are worth the investment. You can purchase the above products from Shea Moisture's site or you can find them at CVS, Wal-Greens, or Target.   

As far as styling my natural hair, I had to play around with my products a bit to find the perfect combination that my hair responds to but I've got it:

Three of the above products were actually given to me while attending Big Hair & Brunch ATL last year and I managed to hold on to them until I began wearing my natural hair again. I don't really need an edge treatment per say but I use it as a means of protecting my edges if I'm planning on wearing my hair up. I figure that it doesn't hurt to have a product that encourages healthy, growing edges.  Defining my hair texture goes as follows: I apply the Curl Definer Mousse by Beautiful Textures to my hair first, follow up with a small amount of Lotta Body's Curl & Style Milk and then use a small amount of Lotta Body's Shape Me Custard Gel on the very ends of my hair to help hold my definition in place.

Wearing my hair in it's natural state will certainly be an interesting journey but I've let it grow this far so why not keep going? I'll be sure to post updates to the blog!