As much as I feel that it may be appropriate to say "time for a break", I can't help but want to share new posts with you! Speaking of new posts, it's that time again ladies and gents! That's right, I'm here to introduce you to a new feature within the Style Spotlight series by the name of Chaunie Danielle.

I came across Chaunie's instagram page and immediately began to browse through the looks that she she posted. From there I decided to take a look at her blog, Southern Fashion Doll, and I just knew that I had to reach out to her. I always say that I'm drawn to the personal style of those who seem to have an understanding of what works for them. What this truly boils down to is that I'm drawn to those who seem comfortable in the looks that they've chosen. Style doesn't always have to look as if one has been following the latest trends and it doesn't even have to make sense to others. 

Chaunie proves that she is a style chameleon by wearing a variety of looks that would otherwise fall into one category/label if worn consistently.
Being able to effectively mix two different prints together can be rather tricky and can sometimes confuse the eyes of onlookers. However, Chaunie handles this problem with ease. By remembering to maintain a mutual color scheme with the different prints worn, Chaunie is able to help smooth the transition between her blouse and skirt. This look is perfect for someone who may love the idea of experimenting with prints but may be unsure of how to style them. Notice how she has also added a pop of color to this look to really make it stand out. This look has Spring written all over it!

 Below you'll find that, in the blink of an eye, Chaunie is able to wear looks that have a more casual feel to them. You can never go wrong with denim and in this case, Chaunie gets it right with this head-to-toe denim look. She turns the dial up on this look by pairing it with a pair of nude pumps and a similar colored clutch. A great pair of pumps and a clutch have the power to take your look from casual to trendy in an instant without taking away from the casualness of your denim look.

This is one stylish blogger that you want to be sure to keep your eyes on! If you are interested in remaining up-to-date with Chaunie, be sure to follow her social media handles below:

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