Ask anyone if they would voluntarily allow someone to hurt them and their first response will more than likely be no. But how many of us have stayed put in relationships, friendships or even jobs where we faced some form of abuse or manipulation that caused our hurt? I'll be the first one to raise my hand on this one. While I cannot speak on the job situation, I can certainly share some stories about previous relationships and friendships that were detrimental to my emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Ironically, one of my favorite songs has a line in it that sticks out like a sore thumb:

"If loving you is wrong then I don't want to be right, so I drown myself with tears..."

- "Lately" by Divine

Crazy how that one line can be a reality for us. 
I am naturally a giver and a nurturer so my first instinct is to make myself available to others. (Disclaimer: Being good to others and having a big heart is not a crime). In the past, however, I've subjected myself to emotional abuse and mental abuse (mind games/manipulation) at the hands of those who I cared about and thought cared about me. Without going into too much detail, it has taken me a long time to understand that sometimes we block our own blessings by holding on to things that are causing more harm than good. My problem was that I was more concerned with keeping what felt familiar in my life, even if it hurt, as opposed to letting go and seeing what else life had to offer me. Stepping outside of my comfort zone was foreign territory and so I continued to hold on to what I knew. I was afraid that letting go would hurt much worse than holding on and guess what? Learning to let go did hurt, first. 

The funny thing about letting go is that you open yourself up to receive [more]. Just because you decided to let go of a friendship or a relationship that housed negativity doesn't mean that you lost in life. It doesn't matter if others thought your ex was "perfect" or "a really great catch" if they wound up being the opposite the more your relationship progressed. It doesn't matter if that friend of yours seemed like a really nice person at first if they consistently overstepped boundaries and made you feel crappy. You are NOT obligated to deal with mistreatment or negativity from anyone, even those closest to you. I'm not sure if anyone told you this but everyone that you encounter in life won't always make it to the next chapter in your book. To be honest, some people do not even make it to the next page in your book and that's okay.

While we as humans are pretty intelligent and brilliant, our plans are not always great for us. You see, the very thing or person that we want may be the complete opposite of what we need or deserve. This is where letting go comes into play. The world is full of infinite possibilities and opportunities that have your name on them. Yes, you! It doesn't matter what mistakes you've made or how many times you've given up, you were not created to barely get by and only accept the bare minimum for your life. Sometimes life requires us to get out of our own way and this can be as simple as letting go and being open. If you would have told me beforehand that I'd become employed at a full-time job and experience a literal boomerang of stupendous events/opportunities the month after I ended my last relationship, I would have scoffed. But life has a way of showing you greater things when you make necessary changes. You deciding to let go of whatever doesn't have to make sense to others. It may not even make sense to you at first but your intuition aka God's voice will never lead you down a path that you can't experience greatness from. You just have to trust the process and let whatever is holding you back go.