Today you are in for a treat! I always say that but I know that you enjoy learning [more] about those who have their own sense of style and/or are paving their own way to success. 

I had the pleasure of meeting today's feature while visiting New York and attending Teen Vogue Fashion University. I can't remember when I first began corresponding with her but it was via social media a while ago. Not only did I have a chance to speak with her and learn how much of a sweetheart she is, I was also able to witness her networking skills. The fearless and confident attitude that Cierra Jaye possesses is one of the main reasons why I wanted to feature her on Nai's Visions. The fact that she is the owner and designer of her own brand is the second reason. 

What I came to learn about Cierra Jaye is that in addition to owning her own brand, Thrilla Seven, she is a public relations specialist and an event planner. With her ability to play close attention to detail, it makes perfect sense that she wears multiple hats! Check out some of the work that Cierra Jaye has curated:

Pretty awesome right?

I was able to pick Cierra's brain with a few questions and I loved her responses so much that I thought it would be a great idea to share them with you!

Nai's Visions: Thank you for allowing Nai’s Visions to feature you! Before we begin, can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Cierra Jaye: No, thank you!  It’s my pleasure! I’m thrilled & honored! I’m never ever good with this kind of stuff but let’s go for it! My name is Cierra. I am an independent designer but I love to dabble into all things creative. I like to call myself the girl who wears many hats, literally and figuratively!  ;)

NV: Not only are you the owner of Thrilla Seven but you design the pieces associated with the brand. How did your interest in design develop?

CJ:  I’ve always had a love for making things, anything really. I’ve always had an admiration for clothing too. My interest in designing started when I was in grade school I believe but my first actual design happened because I needed something to wear to a homecoming dance my sophomore year in college three years ago.

NV: What inspired you to create your own brand that showcases your designs?

CJA lot of people don’t know that there were a couple other endeavors before Thrilla Seven! (‘Thrilla Killa’ – That name . . . don’t ask.  And  ‘Bernage De La Cupcake’ ,  my first ‘business’. I made cupcake pendant jewelry to sell at bake sales & school events! I loved cupcakes, I think it was a fetish or something.) But neither of them were my true aspiration. I made things just because I could & knew how. Clothing though, that felt better to me. I’d make garments for myself, people would see them and would request the same things. It kind of took off from there.

NV: Sometimes we face challenges in terms of starting something new. What are some of the challenges, if any, that you have experienced since creating and owning Thrilla Seven?

CJYes, definitely! I’ve found that it’s really just trial and error. My process is, “What would I love to see myself in? “ and “How daring can I be with this!?” The twist to that is, how do I create things that answer both of those questions & will do the same for someone else all while being comfortable & timeless.  Sometimes, you’ll create something that you think is a hit – but the response isn’t and that can be a tad frustrating. But it’s never a barrier. Break it down, try again!

NV: In addition to being the owner and designer of Thrilla Seven, you are also a public relations specialist and an event planner. How do you manage to maintain a balance?

CJI don’t! I am probably the most imbalanced person EVER! I was never the “No!” person. Never liked hearing it, never liked saying it. So that always meant my plate was full. But I made it work for me. From planning events, to manufacturing pieces for my brand and fulfilling custom orders, it gets super hectic! Prayerfully, I’ve gotten to a point that I can maintain calendars, to-do lists and alarms (tons of these!). They’re normally all jumbled and crazy but it helps a lot.
it down, try again!
NV: You are gearing up to launch your site, Cierra Jaye, pretty soon! Tell us a little about what to expect.

CJYes! My portfolio website! It launched yesterday. It’s a platform that will host previous work of mine, events, designs, graphics and more. I’m very very excited about it! It’s in its early stages but I am praying that it will begin to gain more and more content over time!

NV: Last but not least, what are some tips that you would offer those who may be interested in owning their own business or brand?

CJGo with what feels best to YOU! Start there. There is also nothing wrong with baby steps. We all started with those too. In a sense, we’re all still taking them! It’s all about trial and error. Stick to your gut, find the demand and go your hardest!

Great advice from a woman who finds a way to juggle her talents while sharing them with the world. I'll be honest and admit that I jotted down a few quotables from Cierra to help get me through my own hectic schedule. I always applaud women who tap into their own level(s) of creativity and make things work for them in this life time.

If you are interested in staying up-to-date with Cierra Jaye, be sure to visit her site, Cierra Jaye, and social media handles below:

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