I've always had an inkling that there is something phenomenal about women but it never occurred to me before just how diverse we really are . I had the pleasure of being introduced to this mind-blowing diversity in 2014 and it has truly opened my eyes. More women are reclaiming their power, building brands and kicking ass more than ever, something that is unnerving to a system created to pigeonhole women. It's something that absolutely can't be ignored. Personally, I am drawn to women who dare to break tradition and take control of who they want to be.

Embracing one's sexuality, especially as a woman, is something that society likes to pick apart and some women find themselves feeling ashamed to do so. However, one young model dares to be bold in her self expression and it is something that transcends into her work as a model. Her name? Kaylah Raquel. Hailing from New Jersey and just a little over 5'0", she exudes an undeniable amount of confidence that either leaves you feeling inspired or down right intimidated. This isn't news to Kaylah, as she is well aware of the effect that her confidence can have on others. It is beyond clear that she is also comfortable with her body and has no problem showing it off, something that can be noted by glancing at her profound modeling portfolio. When asked about dealing with those who sometimes allow their intimidation of her self expression cause them to spew negativity her way, Kaylah replied, "....they don't understand how a girl that shows off her body could get this much respect and praise". Despite the negative comments that she sometimes receives, Kaylah does not allow this to interfere with her signature modeling style nor does she allow it to alter her perception of herself. That alone is all the justification that I need in terms of celebrating her endeavors.

I was able to get a peek into the vivacious model's mind to see what inspired her and where her confident nature stems from.

Nai's Visions: I could not let anymore time pass before reaching out to you for a possible feature so it is a pleasure having you on Nai's Visions. Before we begin, can you briefly introduce yourself to the readers? 

Kaylah Raquel: Thank you for wanting to feature me! It's really an honor. My name is Kaylah Raquel, some people call me Killah K and some people call me Ms. Sex Appeal haha. I'm an aspiring model and actress coming out of New Jersey. I was born and raised in Jersey City then moved to East Windsor, NJ. I am Dominican-American aka Afro Latina. I'm known for my amazing sex appeal, woman power/feminism and of, course, my pixie cut.

NV: Breaking into any industry can prove to be challenging but I have watched your growth as a model and I think that your achievements are commendable. What are some of the challenges you have faced?

KR: Of course my height is my only real challenge in the modeling industry but, luckily for me, I never wanted to be a runway model.

NV: Your work as a model includes artistic photographs that show off your body. What inspired you to take the pin-up route with your modeling?

KR: I'm such a huge Marilyn Monroe fan. She honestly inspires me. I love the fact that she didn't have the typical model body. She paved the way for models like myself. Plus I'm so into the 50's and 60's so it was just a natural thing for me to want to be a pin-up model. I love being what I am. I'm just comfortable with my body and being sexy. Being sexy just comes so natural to me. Some people tell that I should have a class and teach them my ways. Maybe I'll do a Youtube tutorial!

NV: It is no question that you have a large amount of admirers between Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram but this doesn't change the fact that a few trolls find a way to mention you. I have personally seen more than a few men share unwarranted opinions about your work. How do you deal with the negativity that presents itself from time to time?

KR: Those kind of men just hate women. No man that loves women is going to care about what she does for a living and the last thing I give a fuck about is what a MAN thinks about me. Men already think that they're more superior than women but Kaylah Raquel is here to tell all men that they need to stop sucking their own dicks and let their balls hang. It's all society's fault anyways. Women are taught that they can't wear certain things, that we can't do certain things and men take that and run with it. "She shows off her body, she has no respect for herself or morals! She's a THOT!" All women and men need to know that showing off their bodies doesn't mean that they don't respect themselves or have morals. 

At one point I asked one of my guy friends why some men come at me crazy and he was like "when a man sees a woman doing exactly what she loves and he's insecure, he's going to do everything in his power to look down upon that woman and he can't use anything against you because you already have that power of not giving a fuck and some men hate that!" And that's so true. Honestly, I just laugh at those random trolls that come my way. I'm happy that I get more positivity than negativity AND some men hate that as well because they don't understand how a girl that shows off her body could get this much respect and praise. They know why ......WOMAN POWER. I'm also happy that there's A LOT of men that's on my side and respect me so whenever those trolls come my way they always speak some real shit to them and they always comfort me so I know that there's men out here that actually think my work is dope and they love the way I carry myself. I truly appreciate that.

NV: You exude an unmistakable amount of confidence that several women, including myself, have found inspiring. Has confidence always come easy to you or is it something that you have had to work at?

KR: Aww thanks! Yes I've always been confident and comfortable with myself. I was taught to love myself at a very early age and I never stopped loving myself. Back in the day you couldn't be "confident" because people would have thought you were conceited instead but that's not the case now. Confidence is sexy.

NV: Speaking of confidence, with the onset of more women choosing to embrace themselves as well as their sexuality, do you believe that the two go hand in hand?

KR: OF COURSE. To me, you can't embrace your sexuality without being confident. If I wasn't confident, I honestly think I wouldn't be where I am today with modeling. 

NV: What advice would you give to a woman who may be struggling with being comfortable with herself?

KR: My advice is to always wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are beautiful. Stop caring about what other people think of you and just do you. Whenever I'm feeling down about myself, yes that is possible for me, I just look in the mirror and remind myself that I am a beautiful woman instead and out. 

NV: Last but not least, what are a few of your goals for the remainder of 2015?

KR: Honestly, just to get better at modeling and becoming a better person. Each year is just another year of improvement and getting better. 

Possessing a self-assured stance and the natural ability to embody the word "sexy", Kaylah Raquel has no problem showing the world that she is a force to be reckoned with. The last post that was published on Nai's Visions was an ode to celebrating coloring outside of the lines so to speak and it is ironic that the headlining quote used reminds me of Kaylah:

"There is no force stronger than a woman who genuinely loves herself without comparisons to or in competition with others." - Abiola Abrams 

Too often we as women tend to shrink behind our internal fire out of fear that someone will complain that we are shining too brightly for their eyes. However, to see a young woman who is this sure of herself and her goals in a world where people try to place limits on others is inspiring. Kaylah Raquel consistently gives herself space to remain true to who she is and pushes past any limitations in order to create breathtaking content. If there was any doubt in your mind that women are divine in every sense, allow Kaylah Raquel to be a catalyst that sparks a change for you.

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