What happens when you combine a creative woman with an unmistakable purpose that involves supporting and celebrating other women? You find yourself in the company of Nik Adams, a creative graphic designer and writer. "I feel like helping women is my calling". This simple yet profound statement is quite evident in the work of Adams, formerly 1/2 of A Tale of Two Biddies and creator of WOMANHOOD. While it may seem as if this young woman has always had it figured out in terms of her purpose in life, she admits that she experienced a few growing pains that led her to creating WOMANHOOD. 

Although A Tale of Two Biddies officially ended in October 2014, Adams felt that the chapter of this long-term project was reaching its end before that. When partner Eboni Merriman, creator of Lost Queens (who I also had the pleasure of featuring earlier this year), decided to branch out and create a brand that had a different angle from A Tale of Two Biddies, Adams felt unsure of what her next step would be. Confiding in friends and reaching out to her mentor would prove to be a part of a catalyst that sparked the creation of WOMANHOOD.

Excerpt from "The Black Woman" featured within "Letters to life"
Graphic created by me; Image courtesy of Lost Queens

The different conversations that Adams had with her friends made her begin to realize that the conversations were extremely similar in nature (love, careers, self-love, etc). In fact, it was also friends of Adams that inspired the beautiful "Letters to life" section on WOMANHOOD.  This section features the unreleased work of friends of Adams and was created to help women understand that they are not alone on their journey. Adams also admits her that her love for realism and documentaries helped inspire "Letters to life" as well. "I'm a Chicken Soup For the Soul girl". When describing what womanhood means to her, Adams feels that it's about unity. "It's organic and straight from the heart. When women come together and let go of pettiness, out of love, we can do phenomenal things". Of her own growth as a woman, Adams has found that her faith has strengthened since the beginning of WOMANHOOD and also believes that God is setting her up for whatever is in her future. She also makes sure to set aside time for herself, believing that "mental health is important". Adams' ultimate goal is to make sure that she is remaining true to her mission, creating something long-term with WOMANHOOD.

During Women's History Month, Adams collaborated with NY based DJ Juliana Meow to create a carefully curated list of female artists. She had a chance to connect with DJ Juliana Meow after attending a party where DJ JM served as the DJ. This led to the development of an amazing friendship and thus, the creation of a mix that garnered positive feedback from many including Saint Heron. Adams wanted this special mix to be relatable and it was her gift to women during Women's History Month.

When asked about future collaborations, Adams expressed her openness to collaborating with others.

While her genuine support of women is an amazing gesture, the graphic design work of Adams is noteworthy as well. Not wanting to depend on others, she devoted herself to spending hours on Photoshop and watching tutorials that eventually led to her becoming a self-taught graphic designer. Below you can find an excellent example of some of the work that Adams has created:

Best Work Thus Far:

"HER STORY BEGAN WITHIN, is a four part digital collage series created with love. I crafted this series to promote self love, claim solidarity for more body-positive representations of women, celebrate the uniqueness of women and explore the essence of femininity". - Nik Adams

This particular body of work was inspired by Adams love for collages and her own journey of choosing to lover her skin as well as her curves. Her main goal with this series was to celebrate the similarities as well as the differences found among women.

All in all, Nik Adams not only possesses a warm and inviting persona but her ability to be in tune with her purpose is remarkable. While she desires to become a strong, motivated and loving woman, I dare say that Adams already embodies said things. As someone who loves her highs and her lows, Adams is creating a space that encourages women to be as transparent as they desire. This is one journey that is nowhere near questionable and is impacting the lives of different women on a daily basis. 

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"Become what you seek. Go inward and dig deep. Don't fake the funk". 

- Nik Adams