"I letcha call me blondie
The princess of RnB"

- Excerpt from "Genuflect"

I'm always on the hunt for new music that doesn't sound like anything on the radio and luckily for me, I came across a captivating young woman whose voice is nothing less than a powerhouse. Now, I have no problem admitting that I am not a analytical music critic but I do know a promising sound when I hear it. More than just a pretty face, singer/songwriter Louise Chantal proves that her platform is about creating a space of support, celebration and open communication. She prides herself on being a feminist and has no problem speaking out against the injustices of life. If that hasn't peaked your interest, I highly suggest that you keep reading.

Gearing up to debut her very first EP, Welcome to Aranbi, Louise Chantal has been busy building anticipation for her fans with the release of "Genuflect", one of the singles from Welcome to Aranbi.

Wanting to learn more about the singer/songwriter and her upcoming project, I decided to reach out to see if I could get a peek into Louise Chantal's mind. What I found was an astonishing sense of confidence and an appeal that is unmistakable. Check out my interview with the Princess of RnB below:

Nai's Visions: Thank you for allowing Nai's Visions to feature you. It's truly an honor! Before we begin, can you tell the readers a little about yourself? 

Louise Chantal: Thank you so much for having me! My name is Louise Chantal. I am a 19 year-old singer and songwriter from London. I moved to the east coast, went to school in New Jersey, attended NYU, and now I'm gearing up to release my debut EP, Welcome to Aranbi. 

NV: It is quite obvious that you are creating your own unique space with your sound, something that is always noteworthy. If you could sum it up in a few words, how would you describe your sound? 

LC: Thank you so much! My songwriting style is definitely very cinematic. My EP as a whole transitions from hip hop and alternative RnB, in "Genfulect", to RnB/Pop by the last track, "Million Tears". The songs on my EP are stories that you can dance and cry to at the same time. 

NV: Welcome to Aranbi is slated to drop this summer and is sure to provide listeners with an incredible amount of reflective ear candy. What inspired the titled of your EP? 

 LC: Aranbi is the name of the world that I have created and invited others into. It is a world ran by women to empower and celebrate other women, of color especially. On my upcoming EP Welcome to Aranbi, I plan on sharing stories that led me to Aranbi, a world that applauds and encourages feminism, and takes note of its inter-sectionalism and how it affects women of color on Earth. 

NV: What are you most looking forward to concerning the debut of Welcome to Aranbi? 

LC: I am most looking forward to creating and sharing the visuals to accompany the music. I love the songs we created so I think things are going to become extremely magical once the visions that I had while writing the songs are able to come to life visually. 

 NV: You recently released "Genuflect", a dreamy yet powerful song that has received positive feedback from many including the likes of Saint Heron, Vibe Magazine, and Greedmont Park. What influenced the creation of this song and what feelings were you hoping to invoke in listeners? 

LC: On the production side, when I first met Snagz he played the beat to go along with "Genuflect" and it sounded like nothing I've ever heard anyone sing over. The operatic sample on its own is so beautiful and regal.  
Lyrically, when I wrote "Genuflect" I wanted to share with the listener what I was experiencing as a young girl transforming into a woman. I wanted to take people on this journey and show them that many times in life you will see something that glitters and think it is gold, but find yourself extremely wrong. I wanted listeners to know that life is about learning from your mistakes. So your value does not decrease after you make one and trust someone that you should not have trusted. A mistake creates room for growth. It repositions you to end up on the path you're supposed to be on. You win when you make a mistake and learn from it. You transform into someone greater and more powerful.  

NV: True indeed! One of the other great things about you is that you use your social media platforms to speak against injustice, especially against black women and black men. Do you feel that social media has the ability to spark conversations and changes that need to occur in society? 

LC: I think it does. Social media has the power to educate people at such a fast rate. It's amazing, but the negative side is that anyone can publish anything. People publish fact just as frequently as fantasy. I feel as though that is where the tension and conflict occurs. In the midst of people trying to spark conversation and change, there's a lot of arguing because education level, race, age, gender, and history vary. There is so much debate about fact  alone because of the over saturation of information. With that being said, I feel using your voice to speak out against injustice is great, but the movements have to go beyond social media for sure. Real changes in the real world must be made. It's far beyond my followers agreeing with me. 

NV: Speaking of injustice, I'm well aware of your support of feminism as indicated by your project Welcome to Aranbi. At what point did you realize that you wanted to take a stand against any limitations placed on women? 

 LC: As I learned more about being a woman of color and the adversities you are presented with simply for being a woman and a minority, I became more passionate about being a feminist because a feminist is someone that believes in equality. Welcome to Aranbi will definitely be a reflection of that empowerment movement for all. Aranbi as a community will definitely become more and more active in addressing those adversities and taking part in making a change.  

NV: I am looking forward to the release of Welcome to Aranbi and I cannot wait to see watch Aranbi continue to expand as a whole. I'm sure that your fans are just as excited as I am about your EP's upcoming debut.  

Last but not least, what are a couple of other things that you may be looking forward to in 2015? 
LC: I am looking forward to the release of my EP, a bunch of music videos, and performing because that is my first love. 

Armed with femininity, wisdom and versatility, Louise Chantal is making waves and is sure to leave an impact on not only the music industry, but the world itself. To stay up-to-date with news in regards to the release of Welcome to Aranbi or to simply get a more in-depth peek into Louise Chantal's world, be sure to follow her social media handles below:

Instagram: @imlouisechantal 
Twitter: @imlouisechantal
Tumblr: Louise Chantál
Soundcloud: Louise Chantál

Before you leave, be sure to give "Genuflect" a listen below. Trust me it's well worth it.