I try to keep my opinions about certain world issues to myself but I feel that Nai's Visions has grown to a place where I can be 100% transparent. You know that I am very vocal about my past and any shortcomings that I have so I feel that it's okay for me to be honest about my opinion concerning the latest news.

Everyone in the world is aware that the Supreme Court gave marriage equality the green light pretty recently. People have either been cheering very loudly or expressing their disdain or utter disgust. My religion calls for me to fall into the latter group. I should be heartbroken, angry and afraid for the future of this country because same sex couples are now allowed to marry each other. Funny, my heart doesn't feel disturbed by this news. Maybe it's because my best friend identifies as gay. Maybe it's because I have an Aunt who identifies as a lesbian or a cousin who also identifies as gay. Maybe just maybe, I don't care about judging others for their lifestyle choices because I have my own choices to be responsible for. Be as it may, I can't identify with other Christians who are jumping at the chance to speak horribly of this government decision.

By the Bible's standards, I am also a sinner. I've heard time and time again that homosexuality is one of the "ultimate" sins. If we're ranking sins, does it mean that my own sins are "ignored" because of homosexuality? It doesn't make sense to me. The Bible also speaks of not judging others and yet many Christians are doing just that, judging very harshly

Being a Christian, to me, isn't about pointing fingers and making others feel bad about their personal choices. If I don't agree with something then I make sure to still give others respect. God isn't going to ask me to give an account of another person's life when this is all said and done so how can I judge while I'm on earth. How can I treat another human being disrespectfully and with disgust because, according to the Bible, homosexuality is an abomination? How can I determine that those who choose to live a certain lifestyle should not be afforded the basic rights or any rights in the very country they live in? It's ridiculous and if this is what Christianity entails, using my religion as a pedestal of hatred rather than love, then I don't want to have anything to do with that anymore. I'd rather build a relationship with God void of the opinions of other human beings and trust what He places in my heart, shortcomings and all. 

I cannot live my life following the harsh and judgmental practices of those who commit sins just as much as the very people they choose to judge.