It is disheartening to hear about another black person being senselessly murdered by a police officer. Every week it seems that a new hashtag is created to bring awareness to a wrongful death and it makes me wonder if these events are being orchestrated by a larger power group. Either way, the fact that black people continue to be treated as animals is beyond maddening. I have young black boys and girls in my family...I can't help but wonder at what age does the police begin to see them as a threat to society. Was it the day that they were born or did it begin long before that? Sometimes I wonder about the safety of my unborn children because of the history that the police have with killing black people.

A common argument that people seem to like to make about the recent wrongful death incidents is that the victims had a criminal past, some sort of brush with the law before or smoked marijuana. It seems that some people look for ways to "logically" explain aka justify a police officer's senseless decision. I'm not sure if it is because some people have lived in a bubble of comfort for most of their life and haven't had to worry about living in fear but it turns my stomach. At what point did we as a whole believe that we are afforded the right to determine whose life is or isn't worthy? When did we as humans believe that we have the power to determine who should or shouldn't be kept alive?

The fact that we live in a society where a portion of our tax dollars pay for government related things makes me wonder what we as Americans are truly paying for. How can we continue to see money taken out of our pay checks but no improvements in police reform? Oh, how could I forget? Apparently police reform would cost "a lot of money". The American government can spend an extensive amount of money on wars against other countries but can't fix the issues within its own country? I find it odd that money is a factor in this situation when it comes down to the lives of the very citizens that the police are "supposed" to protect (side eye).

At this point, my trust in the police is pretty much non-existent. It isn't because I have something to hide or because I break "laws" on a regular basis. The first time that I truly realized how much I couldn't stand police officers was the result of a traffic violation (side eye) when I was 20 years old. I was helping my mother drive back to Georgia from visiting my sister in Florida and at one point we passed through a small town in Alabama. A police officer had another vehicle pulled on the right side of the road and, as the law states, you are required to get into the left lane when passing. However, when I attempted to merge over, a large van came speeding by and that would have resulted in a horrible accident. However, the police officer didn't see it that way and damn near didn't want to hear my "excuse" for not obeying the law. At the time I didn't know that my demand for being spoken to properly could eventually lead to someone's death years later. As much as we as "regular" citizens are told to comply with laws or put our faith in police, too many instances in history have shown where people abuse their position of "power". That's the thing about giving every day people certain positions because believe it or not, those who hold certain positions in society are still human. They are not gods and they should not be treated in a manner than implies that their wrongful actions should go unpunished. That is grade A bullshit.

It is time for a change in this country that was built on stealing and killing. We cannot continue to wait for these changes to occur. The time to act is right now because the lives of people who inhabit this world do matter, including black lives. There is a war going on right here in America and it has been brewing since long before you or I were born. 

We cannot continue to stand by and watch the unfair treatment of others by those who are made of flesh, bone, blood and other things that we are comprised of.