After being in a rough place last week, things slowly began to turn around and I found myself rejoicing about life again. Admittedly, I was beginning to feel stuck. From my job + educational pursuits to my personal life, I went from feeling uncomfortable to frustrated. I blame it on my mini early life crisis lol. BUT life is all about balance so when the chips are down (I always wanted to say that, don't ask), rest assured that something great will happen in due time. If you have been keeping up with me on either Twitter or Instagram then you know exactly what I'm referring to. I'm excited
about life again and I'm ready to create some magical things. Although I'm unable to share more details than I already have, just know that great things are in the works.

As far as today's look is concerned, it is the epitome of casual to me. I decided to wear a longline button-up dress as outerwear and paired it with a literal $5 black camisole, denim shorts, sandals and an old satchel I found at the top of my closet. I didn't feel like wearing much jewelry outside of my earrings and cute little bangles from H&M. Simple. Low maintenance. Zero fuss. I could get used to dressing like this.

Side note: A wasp stung me shortly after this last photo was taken (I was actually getting ready to sprint away but I didn't move quick enough) and it wasn't pleasant lol. I probably asked why while flinging out a mixture of curse words in under 30 seconds. The area isn't as swollen as it was earlier but it still aches a bit. Happy Sunday right lol?