Working a full time job has taught me quite a few things about being patient and learning to let another person's negativity roll off your shoulders. Sometimes we as people have a habit of taking on another person's negative attitude and it can truly dampen our spirits. I realize that it's impossible to avoid negative people but this isn't about that. This is about understanding that while you may be unable to control others, you can most certainly control how your reactions. 

One thing that I've fully come to understand about myself is that I will never like when people find it necessary to speak ill of others nor do I like overall rude people. I have always been this way and I admit that I've allowed my attitude to change when I've come across people like that. It can be extremely easy to take on another person's problems and energy when those things have absolutely nothing to do with you. 

I currently work at a law firm and I come across an array of personalities within one week. I have come face to face with the very things that are subject to make my temper boil and I've left work wondering why I felt so drained of energy. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized it has nothing to do with whether I'm getting enough rest but it has everything to do with allowing myself to take on the draining energy of others. I get it. Life happens and it can put us in horrible moods at times. Some of us shut the world out and some of us take our problems out on everyone who crosses our paths. 

I'm getting to the point where I know it's necessary to stop allowing my energy to be drained by something that has nothing to do with me. I can't change everyone's attitude and at this point, I realize that it's really none of my business if someone wants to throw shade at another person or go on a "I'm pissed off and everyone will know" tangent. I'm sure people have a lot of their shoulders and maybe they just don't want to feel as alone or misunderstood as they do. There is always a method to someone's madness whether we like it or not. 

Life is too short to allow yourself to change because of the way someone else chooses to act. Their problems are not always going to be your problems. It sounds cliche and it may even sound easy as pie (who came up with this saying by the way) but it involves soul work. If you are in a great place in life or for a brief moment, is it easy for your peace to be disturbed by another's negativity?